Best Google Docs Tips: How to Use Google Docs Professionally

Google docs is a far better alternative than Microsoft word. Google has launched an office suite for creating documents with features like Microsoft office. It also provides services like slides which is an alternative to power point and sheets which replaces excel. It is an online word processor but it can be used offline after changing its settings.

One more advantage of using google services is that all files are auto saved to google drive. Unlike Microsoft 365 these services come with no cost whatsoever. You can access all features of google by creating a free google account.

How To Make A Google Docs

You can make use of google doc on webpage or by installing its app on mobile device through app store or google store. One of the google doc tips is to write on the search bar in google chrome and it will take you directly to a new document.

You can either make a new document altogether or use templates for specific purposes. For instance, resumes and newsletters. You can discover different templates by going here.

Google Doc helps us by checking our grammar, spelling and also word count while writing. You can enable all these features by using the taskbar on the top shelf of the screen on a computer and on a mobile click on the three horizontal three dots.

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How To Search For Words In Google

Go to Edit > Find and replace in taskbar.

Keyboard shortcuts on Mac are Command + Shift + H and on a PC are CTRL + H.

Search For Words In Google Docs

You can find words by going using this feature in taskbar and replace them. It is a convenient tool to use rather than finding each other and editing them one by one.

How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs

Go to Insert > footnote in taskbar.

Keyboard shortcuts on Mac are ⌘ + Option + F and on a PC are CTRL + ALT + F.

You can click where you want to add the footnote and then follow these steps above.

How To Add Footnotes In Google Docs documents

A superscript number will be shown in the body of the document, as well as at the bottom of the page. You can now add the additional information and when you’re done, you can press esc to return to the body of the document.

Footnotes provide us extra space to write additional information in research or academic papers.

How To Insert A Signature In Google Docs

There are two ways to do this. You can either sign your document by drawing or by using an add on.

For drawing, Go to

Insert > Drawing > New (or you could use older drawing by clicking on drive)

How To Insert A Signature In Google Docs documents

After completing your drawing, you can click on save and close which will show the drawing on your document.

Or you can sign documents with Add-ons. Go to

Add-ons > Get add-ons

Google Docs Addons

There are several add-ons that provide you a way to formulate your signature with your desired style.

For example: HelloSign provides free usage of their service but also provides paid subscription with extra cool features. There are other add-ons as well like DocuSign, Scrip Touch and Sign and Save, Dotted: Signature Creator, Bit Sign, Panda Doc, PDF filler, Signature, Signaturit, Sign Request for Google Docs, and Sign Online.

If surfing through different add-ons seems like a headache or you don’t prefer them altogether you can hop onto this site and create your own signature that suits your style and identity. You can transfer your doc here and sign it.

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How To Create Sections In Google Docs

Go to Option Insert > Break > Section Break

How To Create Sections In Google Docs

Continuous section break can be added multiple times onto the same page of your document. However,with section break (page) adds a section to the new page.

You can delete them by pressing ALT + BACKSPACE on PC and on MAC press CONTROL +

Best Google Doc Add-ons

Add-ons are additional features made by third party developers which increase your work efficiency in various ways. You can add them by going to

Add-ons  > Get add-ons

You can also delete/uninstall add-ons by going to add-ons > Manage add-ons

 Some of the best add-ons for general use are as below:

Specific add-ons are as below:

  • Teachers can check these add-ons to further increase their efficiency.
  • For add-ons related to business and productivity, you can go here.
  • By clicking here you can find some of the best add-ons on google docs for students.

This was a small overview on how to use google docs. One of its main advantages is that it’s free of cost in comparison to Microsoft suite. We hope these tips on google doc help ease your way into writing for the first time on google docs.

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