Unpublish Wix Site : How To Delete or Unpublish Wix Website Completely

People look towards wix to make a website as it is a free website builder for portfolios, online stores, personal or business websites. Wix has never disappointed its users in providing multiple designs and templates to better optimize their site but still if you’re unsatisfied with wix and want to unpublish it, we have an easy and most effective way to unpublish wix site completely.

How to Unpublish Wix Site Completely

Go to Wix.com > Log in > Settings > Overview

  1. Sign in to your wix account by going to wix.com.
  2. Select the website you want to edit and go to its settings.
  3. In settings, click on overview and it will show you your sites.
  4. Identify the site you want to unpublish and click on ‘unpublish’.

Unpublish Wix Site or Delete Wix Site Completely

Delete Wix Site


It will delete your site and you won’t be able to see it live. However, if you still want to send a direct link to some users but don’t want your site seen by google search engines. Then click here to get more info.

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How to Unpublish Post from Wix

Go to Wix.com > Log in > Blog > Published

  1. Sign in or go Here if you’re already signed in. It will take you to your site’s dashboard.
  2. Click on ‘blog’ and then on ‘published’. You will see your published blog posts here.
  3. Click on ‘show moreicon and then you can either unpublish it by reverting it to draft or delete it all together by moving it to trash.

Unpublish Post From Wix


Best Wix Alternatives

Some of the best wix alternatives are as below:

  1. WordPress:

It also doesn’t require you to edit by touching codes unless you really want to do it and know how to do it. This service is recommended to those writers and bloggers who don’t want to focus much on style and want a good enough site to display their work.

  1. Weebly, GoDaddy and HostGator:

These are usually used for website hosting but you can also use their website building option to build your website. If you choose to go for a simpler website framework and less stress over the sites mechanics then go for these services. HostGator’s pricing starts at 3.46$/per month.

  1. BigCommerce and Shopify and Constant contact builder:

These are best for people who want to start their e commerce business. Shopify is recommended for those who are in their initial stages of business. It has really nice features for people who want to open an online store.

  1. Square space

You can also opt for square space as it has cool themes as well. It goes. They have really nice and fancy templates and features for easy use.

You can learn more about their details by going here or go to their site directly by clicking on their names.


We hope these steps eased your way into unpublishing your site and blog. Now that you’ve completely unpublished your wix site, we have also mentioned some alternatives for you as a gateway to explore some better options.

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