Wp Rocket Best Settings To Speed Up WordPress Blog

Bloggers wish to have a website or blog with super fast loading speed. They know very well the benefits of the super fast site. In this post, i will show you how to speed up WordPress website or blog with wp rocket best settings and configurations.

Why it’s important a blog with Super Fast loading Speed?

A small delay in loading your website can affect search engine ranking and user experience. People don’t like to wait and will click to another site. Experts say there is only 2 second the user decide to land on the page or close the website.

So if you have a blog with good loading time, then you’re are in the game. Loading speed is also a ranking factor in Google search engine now.

Here is bloggingfist.com website speed test of Gtmetrix website and Google PageSpeed insight.

Wp rocket best setting to speed up wordpress blog


Google website speed up

Google PageSpeed Insight

How to Speed up WordPress website or blog

There are many plugins in WordPress which speed up your websites loading time.But we have to install one by one plugin for a single purpose Like if I am going to resize and optimize the images of my site.

I have to install “WP Smush Image Optimizer” plugins, and if I want to a cache plugins, then I will install “wp super cache” or “w3 total cache” which is the most bloggers popular plugin.

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Here come wp rocket a WordPress super amazing plugin which does all the job of speeding up a website in a  single plugin.Wp rocket is a premium WordPress caching plugin.

For a single personal website, the price is $39, for three sites price is $99 and for unlimited website and blog price is $199

This plugin offers many features like GZIP compression, Page caching, Browser caching, Lazyload images, CDN, Mobile Detection, Ecommerce Friendly and many other. You can visit and check the wp rocket website for other features.

Best Settings To Speed Up WordPress Blog

WP Rocket Best settings and Configurations to speed up WordPress blog

wp rocket is a super powerful plugin. If you are going to install it for the very first time, then you have to be careful to install properly. They have only provided the options which are very useful to speed up a wordpress website.

Before you are going to install you need to make sure you uninstall the other caches plugins for example “w3 total cache” or “wp super cache”. It very important to install it firstly to avoid any issues.

Wp Rocket Installation And Activation

First you have to purchase and download the wp rocket plugin. Once you have downloaded the plugin go to your website dashboard and login.

Afer login to your site goes to plugins and under the plugin option click add new and then upload plugins option. Browser and upload plugin and click the “install Now” button.

Add plugin wp rocket

Basic Option Configuration

After activating the plugins successfully, it takes only 2 minutes to configure it properly. This plugin contains very simple options compare to other cache plugins. click on “wp Rocket” under the Setting tab this will open up a Basic options page.This page has very basic option to configure.

Basic option wp rocket

Lazy Load: First enable lazy load option if you have a lot of images on your site. The lazy load will load the images when a user scrolls to the viewport.

Minification:  Minifying the CSS and javascript file will effect your speed but sometime its break the code. If you are a WordPress developer then you can use this option . Otherwise i will not recommend it to you to enable this option.

Mobile Cache: if you are using a responsive WordPress theme and receiving traffic form mobile device then you can use this option.

Logged in User Cache: Enable this option if you are using a multi-author site or any site which requires the user to log in.

SSL Cache: if you have an SSL for your site,then you must enable this option.

Clear cache: Here you can define the time to clear cache files automatically.Default it set to 24 hours.

Advance option: I would skip this option the basic options are enough to cache your site properly and speed up your blog.

CDN (Content Delivery Network): WP rocket supports all types of CDN providers. If you are going to use CDN you have to configure CDN for your site first.I will not recommend it to beginners to use this feature.

if you still have no idea  how to configure and setup it properly here is video in which everything is explained watch it.


Wp rocket is easy to configure and have less setting option as compared to other caches plugins.Its user-friendly plugins which cover all speed up features in a single plugin.

Follow the wp rocket best settings to speed up your WordPress blog loading time amazingly. If you have any question, then please let me know in the comment section.


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