Best Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools For any Niche

Newbie bloggers make mistakes by targeting direct keywords instead of long tail keywords and at the end they are not receiving any traffic and lost their hope to rank keywords in Google search engines.

Today I have collected the list of best tools for long tail keyword Generator. Through these awesome keywords research tools anyone can find easy to rank and low competitions keywords.

Before starting did you know what long tail keywords are? Let me explain it for you “A long tail keywords mean a keywords or term which is more than 3 words”.

For example “Rank website in Google” this keywords consist of 4 words. so it’s a long tail keyword. Another question which comes to mind why we select long tail keywords or term. This answer is it ranks easier in Google search engines and there is very low competition for it.

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Long tail keywords have very low searches, low competitions and Most of the time long tails keywords can be rank only through on page seo.

List of Long Tail Keyword Generator Tools

  1.  Google Search Related Terms

    This is one of my favorite way to find long tails keywords for my articles which have low searches and low competitions.Did you notice when you enter a term or keywords in Google hit enter and scroll down to bottom of the page you will see terms related to your search in Google which are long tail keywords just look in the image below.

    Google search related terms

  2.  Google Auto suggest Tool

    When you type a keyword in Google search bar it show the most popular keywords. Check the following image to understand how it works.Through this method you can easily find popular keywords or most searched keywords in every niche.

    This is the second way to find long tail keyword for free. If you want to find CPC and Searches for these keywords you find then you will need another tool Google Keyword planner.

    google auto suggest tool

  3. Forums Questions

    The third free way to find best keywords is Forums. Find forums which are related to your niche and Create an account after login check what questions are asking the users about your niche mostly or what problem that facing.

    That question or problem will be your long tail keywords, check its Searches, CPC and write a Great and long content to rank it.

  4. UbberSuggest:

    This is also a free and best tool for finding keywords with low competitions. This tool Grab data from Google suggest but it will provide you a lot of keywords. if you type a keyword and enter it will generate  a long tail keywords and add alphabet after each keyword to result hundreds of keywords.

  5. Google Webmaster Tool

    Through this Tool we can find long tail keyword which we are already ranking for our websites. Let me clear it for you.
    a)Login to your Google search console or Webmaster tool and Select your websites then Click on “Search Traffic”.

    Google search consoleb) A dropdown menu will be appear and click on the “Search Analytics”.

    c)  Check the checkbox of Click, Impressions and Positions.

    keywords tools d)You will see Keywords with related information like impression, click and Avg Position will be appear.

    Now find the keywords which have Avg Position of less than 25 copy it into Google keyword planner or any other tool to find Volume of keywords per month. Now you can write on these Long tail keywords which have good amount of searches per month.

    google search


    This tool is very helpful and perfect to find Great keywords which are easy to rank. This tool offer free and Paid versions as well.

    This tool can also be used to find keywords for YouTube and Amazon.
    Free version is enough to find Good numbers of keyword. Like ubbersuggest it also take data form Google suggest. This Tool can be also used to find YouTube keywords.

    keywords tool long tails

  7. Question Answers Websites

    These Question answer websites can be also used to find long tail keywords in any niche. Create an account on Quora,yahoo answer, stack overflow and Select Category related to you niche.

    These website show you Top and most popular question at the top in which some of them will be of very Good volume keywords. Here you can also get ideas about to write Post on Different Topics and problem related to niche.


  8. Long tail Pro  (Paid Tools)

    This tool consist of finding long tail keywords as well Domain authority, page authority, Moz Rank, site Age and rank checker. This is a paid tool which is used by most of the bloggers for find profitable keywords for any nich.Long tail keywords gernerator tools

These are the list of best long tail keyword generator tools .if you are beginner or newbie bloggers then these free tool will help you to dominate search engines.

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