Learn WordPress: Top 5 WordPress Theme Development Tutorials

WordPress is one of the top and most popular content Management system (CMS). So far 30% of the website on the internet runs on WordPress.

WordPress is easy to learn, customize and setup. Creating a website in WordPress is very easy we have to download and install WordPress setup, theme and all the require plugin for website design.

Most of the time the theme we using did not fulfill the requirement.To make a theme which fulfills all the requirements we have to change the core WordPress files mean code. For this we have to learn WordPress development.

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Today we will learn WordPress theme development tutorials from scratch. I will share the top 5 best WordPress course of custom theme development.

Top 5 WordPress Theme Development Tutorials (Courses Free & Paid )

Some of the below course are free and available on Youtube while other are Udmey paid courses. if you need these udmey course you can contact me.

1)    Free WordPress theme development course form beginner to Advance (Alessandro Castellani)

One of the best tutorials of WordPress theme development on youtube video search engine website is on the channel name Alessandro Castellani. A YouTube channel for web design and web development with the complete course on create wordpress theme from scratch to making an advance premium theme.

Playlist: Learn WordPress Theme Development from scratch

Start from this youtube playlist to learn the basic of WordPress theme development process and function.

Playlist: Learn premium theme development

If you want to learn the advance WordPress coding techniquevthen this playlist is for you. After learning the premium theme tutorials, you will able to create custom premium website and can sell on different WordPress theme market.

2)    Learn Professional Theme Development (Udemy Course)

If I say, one of the best course which explains mostly custom WordPress theme development on udemy is not wrong. Personally, I learn from this course a lot. When I start learning WordPress this was the course from which I learn how to design a WordPress theme form scratch to advance.


WordPress theme development on udemy


In this course you will learn the basic concept of WordPress theme development, and after it, you will create a custom theme.

Course Link

3)    Custom WordPress theme development with Bootstrap udemy

If you have basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, Bootstrap and want to learn custom WordPress theme designing and development, then you can start form this course. Over three thousand positive rating and 12 hours course on udemy website.

Custom WordPress theme development with Bootstrap udemy
After learning the course, you will be able to create custom wordpress theme design and sell on top WordPress theme selling market place like ThemeForest, freelancing websites, etc.This course is created by a famous Freenalcer web designer Brad Hussey.

Course Link

4)    wordpress theme development tutorial step by step  ( TeamTreeHOuse )

Zac gorden teaching and explaining method is just amazing. You will learn wordpress theme development tutorial step by step. This course is helpful for the beginner who just starts learning WordPress development. Before joining this course learn the basic of HTML, CSS, PHP.

wordpress theme development tutorial step by step ( TeamTreeHOuse )


Course Link

5)    Customizing WordPress theme (Youtube Playlist)

This course is useful for already created WordPress theme/website customization. You will learn how to create a child theme and customize the design of a WordPress website/theme.



After learning the customization technique, you can offer these services on Fiverr to make handsome amount.
After watching, learning and practicing on WordPress theme development tutorials you will be able to create a premium WordPress theme for your website and can also provide theme development services on different top freelancing website like Fiverr, upwork and freelancer.


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