How To Uninstall And Reinstall WordPress Easily Step By Step

We normally do install WordPress from our hosting due to some errors or problem encounter in our main WordPress core file. If you have no problems in your WordPress core file, then I will suggest you troubleshoot the error by applying different tips.

In this article, I will show you how to uninstall and reinstall WordPress without losing content or data and SEO.

When to Reinstall WordPress on you host?

Reinstalling of WordPress is not the first options. Most of the WordPress error or problem is very common, and they can be fixable easily. You can find the solution on the web for small issues or problems, and this will save your time from uninstalling WordPress.

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If your website is hacked and affected with some malicious code, then you have to try reinstall WordPress. In some case, if you don’t find any solution to fix the errors then reinstalling is the best option.

How to Backup WordPress Manually

If you don’t want to lose the data then Backup your WordPress website data first. To create the backup of all the website data you can use a backup plugin. You can check here the recommend plugins for backup.

But in this method, we will do it manually. The first thing you have to do is to create a backup of all the content of the website by exporting a file. This file will contain data about posts, pages, categories and tags, and comments.

Step to Take backup WordPress Manually

1) Go to your WordPress dashboard admin area click on Tools >> Export and then select all content and hit the download export file.

Export File


2) Now to download images, theme and plugins data go to cpanel and open up the WordPress directory and find wp/content folder. Select the folder and download it.


Download Wp-content folder


How to uninstall WordPress from Cpanel?

If you have WordPress installed on your web hosting then go to your cpanel of website. Open up the File Manger where all your WordPress files are store. Select all the WordPress file and folder and hit the delete button to delete the WordPress from cpanel.Now you have no files on your web host.

uninstall wordpress form Cpanel

Delete wordpress file from cpanel

Wordpress file deletion


Next step is to delete database of WordPress. Find Mysql database section and remove the database and database user from the interface.


Delete WordPress from cpanel


How To Uninstall WordPress From Localhost or Wamp/Xamp

If your WordPress in installed on your local computer or localhost/wamp/xamp server. Then uninstalling WordPress form localhost is also an easy process. Go to your wamp/xamp directory and locate the www folder. Open up the www folder and delete the WordPress directory or in simple words the WordPress folder.


uninstall wordpress from localhost wamp xamp


Now open up your browser and enter localhost in the url bar. Click on phpmyadmin and check the database name of the WordPress and delete it.

How To Reinstall WordPress Without Losing data?

Now to reinstall WordPress from scratch, we need to download a fresh copy of WordPress. After download, the WordPress open up Cpanel and upload the WordPress zip file. Once files are upload unzip the folder.


Download WordPress


Now create a database and user by going to MySQL databases option in cpanel. You just have to enter the database name and user name. Visit your WordPress website and enter all the information which is required for example database name, username, host, etc.


Create New Database

Create New User


In next step WordPress will ask you to enter information about a site. After that WordPress will finish the installation process. Go and open up the WordPress dashboard and delete all the default contents.




Restore All WordPress data Images and themes

To Import your all data including post, Page, categories, tag and other contents. Go to Tools >> Import and click the install now link under the WordPress. Once its installed WordPress importer then clicks on the upload file and import. Now select the XML file we have downloaded earlier. Create a new user and WordPress will assign all data to that user.


Export Contents


WordPress will now import all your content, and your website will be live as it was before. Now install all the important and required plugins one by one to enhance the functionality of a site. Upload the wp/content folder we have download before to cpanel aswell. Here is the video to uninstall and reinstall wordpress.



How to uninstall WordPress Bluehost?

Uninstalling WordPress form Bluehost hosting is a very easy. Here are the step to delete WordPress from Bluehost.

1. Login to your WordPress Bluehost cpanel.

2. Under the software/Services tab, select WordPress and hit.

3. There will be your install WordPress on different websites. If you have only one site, you will find it on My Install section.Now click on uninstall under the specific website URL.

4. Now Bluehost will ask about the reason to uninstall. Select any option and click ok.

so we have successfully unistall wordpres from bluehost.

we have learn three method of uninstalled WordPress first and then reinstall WordPress without losing content or data. If you like our article of how to reinstall WordPress, then you can follow us on our facebook page for more updates.


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