Top 5 Tips To Write An Effective Article In Less Time

Do you sit in front of PC to write a blog post for your blog and its take you long time to complete it. Does it takes to much time after getting the new idea of a blog post and then in thinking how to start it. If your answer is yes, then keep reading the post.

I will explain the top most five tips to writing an effective article in less time. If you are a blogger or freelancer and your job Is to write the article on a different topic. If you are freelancer usually you have less time to write the article and deliver at the time to your buyer. It will increase your reputation and trust in the eyes of a client.

Best 5 Tips To Write An Effective Article

Here is list of top few things you should know to write an effective article in less time.

1)    Focus Only On Writing And Close Any Other Application

If you are using the computer system to write the article, then close all the software application running on the PC. If you are freelancer close the website and chat of the client on which you are Working.

Close all the other website or application for example if Facebook is open logout and close it. Don’t check your website traffic and earning stats.

You can only open a browser when going to search for some reference otherwise open only writing software for example MS WORD. This step is very important if you focus on only writing then it will take less time to write.

2)    Do Complete Research On Topic

It’s better to do a complete research before start writing the article. This will help you gathering a lot of information about the topic. A good quality article shows that it has been written after a complete and well research. A well written article always hit top of the Google search engine.

3)    Prepare Schedule For Writing Effective Article

Prepare a schedule for writing an effective article will help you save time. Set a time for reaserch of the blog post , then set time for writing an article and set a time for collecting related images for the article. For writing a catchy title of blog post set 5 minutes which will help your to write a compelling and catchy content.

4)    Proof Read The Article At Least One Time

This step is really important to remove the grammatical mistake and spelling mistake. After completing the article proof read it once before delivering to the client or publishing on blog. The best way to proofread is to use the one of the top proofreading online software grammerly.

You can register and use a free account to do the proofreading job. Grammerly will do the job quickly and you don’t have to hire a person for proofreading the articles.

5)    Before Publishing Or Delivering Satisfied Yourself

Once you have complete the article and remove all the grammatical mistakes next step is to do formatting it by giving proper Heading, Sub headings and divide it into proper paragraphs.Continue with the editing and formatting until you are satisfied with the final result.

Writing high-quality content is not an easy job for everyone, but if you prepared and schedule everything for yourself, then it’s an easy task to write an effective article in less time.

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