Top 5 Steps to Get Your First 1000 Subscribers

Are you a newbie on YouTube and looking for different ways to get your subscribers for free? Here is what you can do, these are tried and tested ways of getting subscribers. 

 Choose a YouTube Channel Theme

In starting your journey on YouTube, you need to decide about in what niche you are going to build the channel. If you are multi-talented, then that is great but creates your VLOGS or videos under one umbrella niche. Otherwise, people would not know what to expect out of your channel and they wouldn’t seem to show any interest.

Thus, if you want people to subscribe to your channel, then think of a niche. Give your users a reason to come to your channel and watch your content.

Learn the Art of Thumbnails

Thumbnails are the first thing the users will notice. Make sure you create an interesting and aesthetic thumbnail. There is a simple formula to follow: get a quality image, have a title text, complementing the color palette, and the necessary dimensions: 1280×720 and with a minimum width of 640p. You will need to rev up your thumbnails game if you want more subscribers. This is one way of how to increase YouTube subscribers

Learn a bit of YouTube SEO

You need to understand that when you create a searchable video title so that the users can find videos made by you by simply typing the keywords into the search bar. So, you would want them to see your video when they search for it.

Think like a user and think of all the keywords that your target audience might be searching for. You would also want to create user-friendly titles.

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Playlists are loved!

If you have already created about 15-20 videos and they all can be further streamlined into major categories and put them in it. When you create video playlists, you are letting the viewer to completely see all the videos that are in the playlist.

youtube get thousand subscribers

You should also know that the video playlists show up in YouTube Searches just as the single videos do. So, make sure you are adding valuable keywords that can make a difference in your channel.

All you have to do is ask!

Whenever you are filming for a new video, in the first 1-2 minutes make sure that you ask the viewers to subscribe to your channel. Also, ask them to subscribe in the last 30 seconds of your video.

There might be people who are new to your channel and they have not subscribed yet. Sometimes, they might like your content but they may forget to subscribe. Hence, if you ask how to increase YouTube subscribers, this is the best way!


Thus, these are a few tips to get more followers on YouTube if you are new. Try asking all your friends a favor and promote your channel on different social media platforms.

Suppose you have a good following on other social media channels, you may promote your YouTube channel over there and get some good followers. If you have your website, then you can promote your channel over there too and all the website visitors can get to subscribe to your channel.

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  1. Great post. In order to get youtube subscribers, create unique content. People want to hear something fresh, something new, something unique, not what they have always heard in the same way they have been hearing it. If you must address “common” topics, address it from a unique perspective.

    Search Engine Optimization is very important. Ensure to choose keywords that will give your videos a higher chance at high in search engines. Search for your prospective keywords on Google; if there are video results for those keywords, then they are fit for use.

    Advertise your YouTube videos on Facebook. Since you already have an audience on Facebook (Friends, followers etc.), you can leverage on that by posting your videos on Facebook. Include a call-to-action to the Facebook post (with a link to your YouTube channel) for people to “Watch more of my videos on YouTube”.

    Several platforms have introduced live video features in recent times. You can find such a feature on your YouTube account as well. By doing a live video, you not only can broadcast your content but also interact with your fans. Interaction is always a key factor, when it comes to marketing and promotions, whether it’s online or offline. So, try to go live and talk to your fans once in a while.

    Embed your videos in Q&A sites like Reddit, Sharing your content in niche communities, Paid Campaigns, Sponsored your content and outreach to different nich bloggers, and ask them to include your videos in their relevant posts are some other strategies that can be used to increase youtube subscribers.

    You can buy youtube subscribers to give a quick headstart to your channel. when it comes to increasing subscribers, ( is the best company by far. They provide real, genuine subscribers, and also offer a money-back guarantee. I have had great experience with them.

    I really enjoyed reading your post. It’s informative, interesting, and I have certainly learned one thing or two.


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