10 Sites Like Humble Bundle For Cheap Gaming Deals

As a gamer myself I understand how expensive our favourite games can be and Humble Bundle was always there to give us cheap and amazing bundles of comic books, e-books, softwares and other games. And now if you think you want to explore the field and look for other sites like Humble Bundle for software, ps4 and gaming packages then you’ve come to the right place.

Following Are the 10 Best Websites Like Humble Bundle

#1 Indie Gala:

Number 1 best alternative to Humble Bundle would be Indie games. It offers great packages and games at cheap and amazing prices. It offers games that you can run on steam and windows. They offer 8 video games starting from 1 USD. They have exciting giveaways, auctions and forums.

Click here to visit Indie Gala.

similar sites like humble bundle

#2 Groupees:

Groupees is a similar website like Humble bundle with its deals starting at 1 USD for 4 albums of music. The thing to remember is that they’re deals are short lived so you’ll have to keep an eye out for their best upcoming deals.

You can buy their own made bundles or make your own with your own preferable games. They’re games are also available on steam as they themselves make most of the games.

Click here to check out Groupees.

Groupees site like humble bundle

#3 Fanatical:

Fanatical is another great alternative to Humble Bundle. Fanatical is basically the first choice of gamers. They have a great deal of games starting from 1 USD only. They have over 7,000 + licensed games and they also offer other publishers to publish games on their platform.

They also have great e books and also offer games on steam and windows.

You can check Fanatical by going here.

 other sites like humble bundle

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#4 Epic Bundle:

It is another great site like Humble Bundle. Their main focus is offering cheap bundles to gamers at a discount. So, you’ll have to be on the lookout for when they offer bundles that suit you best.

They gather the best kind of bundles from websites like Humble Bundle, Indie Gala, groupees and offer them to the gamers on their own website. They also offer free games which is a bonus.

You can check Epic Bundle by clicking here.

similar sites like humble bundle

#5 Gamers Gate:

They have games that are accessible on PC,Mac, and Linux. They have an amazing set of individual games that you can buy starting from 1 USD.

They have over 6000 games so you don’t have to worry about not finding any exciting games as there are many options to choose from. They have 90% off on Nacon games.

Click the link here to access GamersGate.

sites like humble bundle for software

#6 Green Man Gaming:

It is similar to gamersgate but has its own unique specialties in games. It’s the best website to look for discounts and cheap rates on individual games. It even supports games on VR.

They have great game publishers like Ubisoft, Nacon, SquareEnix and more. The main advantage of Green Man Gaming is the cheap price of attractive games.

They are available on this link of Green Man Gaming.

Green Man Gaming

#7 Itch:

They have games that are made by indie game developers and also from famous developers. They have free games and also a sorted games section for you to select games from top sellers, popular, top rated and many more.

Along with Windows, Linux and macOS their games also support android, iOS and web.

Click the link here to access those amazing games at Itch.

itch games

#8 Lazy Guys Bundle:

Another great website like Humble Bundle!

They’re called lazy guys bundles because you don’t have to stress over making a bundle but rather they already have amazing bundles of games and ebooks all ready for you.

They offer 11 games for only 2.99 USD. That’s a catch right? So, you’ll have to check in from time to time to get access to such offers and bundles.

Click here to visit Lazy Guys Bundle.

Lazy Guys Bundle

#9 Bunch Keys:

The main focus of this website is providing keys you can use at steam. They offer a great amount of discounted keys packaged in discounted bundles.

They have amazing sales of steam keys every week so make sure to check them out so you don’t miss out on such sales.

You can visit them at Bunch keys.

bunch keys

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#10 Bundle In a Box:

This platform is great even for those non-tech people who just started out playing games as this alternative of humble bundle makes it easy for users to effectively find games of their preference.

Each game has a section of reviews so it makes it easy to see the opinion of people who have already played the game before.

The link to their website > Bundle In a Box.

bundle in a box gaming site


I hope this opened new options for you to choose from sites similar to Humble Bundle. These sites just like humble Bundle are doing a wonderful thing by allowing us to openly donate to charity.

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