SEO Complete Guide: Step By Step for Beginner

Are you want to start a blog?

So think for a minute what you will do when you have no SEO knowledge.

There is millions number of the blog post published daily.

Google only shows those website/blog which has good SEO. Today you will learn SEO complete guide step by step technique.

What does SEO mean in simple words?

SEO means to rank website or blogs on the 1st page of Google for specific keywords.But Why only first page of google? Because 90 percent people don’t go to the second page to find the website related to the search query.

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

There are two ways to do SEO for a blog/website.

White Hat SEO means to follow the Google search engine Algorithm or methods to improve Ranking of blogs. WhiteHat SEO is long term, and it will take 6-9 Months to generate some bucks form the site.

While BlackHat SEO means to bypass the Google technique and only focus on writing and optimizing contents for search engines, not for the visitors.

This technique is work only for some time and googles banned blogs/websites which use blackhat technique time to times.

White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO

Selecting A Niche or Topic for A website

The first thing you have to choose to start a website/blog is a niche or topic because you will need the main topic on which you will write quality content.

So the question which will come to your mind now is how to select a niche for the blog. Its very easy think for one minute. What is your passion? In which topic you have interest and want to write.

First, select a niche or topic which you have interest or passion as I think passion is the key factor in success. Second check whether the Niche is profitable or not. For this we do Keyword Research.

Keyword Research

Once after selecting the niche the most important part is keywords research. Keywords Research is to find the search term or query usually user types in Google search engines.

Keyword Research can make or break your websites.It’s important to target the right keywords which are related to your niche or topic. A Keywords which is easy to rank mean less competitive and have high searches per months is the ideal keywords.

I have published some details article about how to find profitable keywords for a blog.You can check it here.

Long tail Keyword Research Complete Guide

SEMScoop Keyword Tool

Backlinko Keyword Research Guide

Simple Methods to Find High Paying Keyword For Google Adsense

Top Google Ranking Factors

There are more than 200+ ranking factors that can break website ranking. We can not discuss all of them one by one but the most important ranking factors or On Page SEO and Off Page SEO.

ON Page SEO: on page SEO is related to blog or website content, loading time of blog, user-friendly or not, Site design, Archtiure and so On

Off page SEO: Thing which is not in your hands but googles measure it in ranking factors. Off page, SEO depends on another website whose give a link to your site.

On Page SEO Best Practices

After completing the keyword research. Next step is optimization of a website which starts from on-page SEO.

On Page SEO Best Practices

Step By Step on Page Seo Technique:

Domain Name:

Choose a domain name which is easy to remember and do not have a hyphen or operator. A keyword in a domain name has not advantage now.In the past a domain name consist of keywords has good advantages as compared to other names.

Buy cheap Domain Name

Select Software Platform for Website creation

Once you choose a domain name next step is to select a software platform for your website. There is much software is we can say CMS available in the market WordPress, Joomla, drupal and much more.

I will suggest you to use WordPress CMS which is most popular currently and 60% website on the internet is made on WordPress.Also in term of SEO WordPress is the best platform to choose.

User and SEO Friendly Site Structure:

Make sure choose a user-friendly and SEO friendly WordPress theme for your website. The design and site structure of the blog is very important. A simple and good looking site structure will be easy to understand for search engines and users.

Divide contents of a blog into logical categories. Categories name must be meaningful.Don’t use too many categories and subcategories in a blog.

SEO Friendly and Keyword Rich URL

Url of a blog should contain “-” hyphen but not underscore and also use your keywords in URL which is also a ranking factor in SEO.

Use following Url structure for blogs posts:

  • Category URL: or
  • Blog Post URL:
  • Single Page URL:

User and SEO Friendly Site Structure

Content is King! The importance of Content

You may be read this many time on different blogs that content is king. You read it correctly the content which is of high quality and lengthy is always on the first page of google.

If your search for the term SEO complete guide most of the website content are of high quality and article length is more then two thousand words.

High quality and SEO friendly content mean which provide the solution to the user query.Content on a blog should provide best answer and value to the user.

Best Plagiarism Checker tool

Page Title of Blog Post

A page title is one of the first element the search engine see while crawling the page.

The best page title should contain the following techniques:

  • A page title must be unique
  • Page title should describe the content
  • The page title should be attractive and catchy, so a user can click when a show in search results.
  • Page title length is 60-65.

Always use main keywords of the blog post in a page title. Search engines always look for keywords in the page title and get the idea about the user search term that this is the page that will satisfy user search.

I am personally use the Moz SEO title tool to check the length and how will it look in search results.

Page Description:

A page description is the summary of the blog post and must be uniquely written for each blog post.A description should be 160 characters longs. Always use keywords in page description but avoid keyword stuffing mean don’t use the same keywords much time in description.

Page Formatting and Heading Tags:

Always use small sentences and 3-4 lines paragraph to make it easy for the user to understand. Divided each section of the paragraph into title tags.

Use H2 tag and include keywords in paragraph title. Always use H2 for the main section of the paragraph and H3 for the subsection.

Avoid Duplicate Content

Avoid duplicate or copy content from other website and publish it on your site. Make sure content is king, and it must be original and unique.

Common SEO Mistakes

Speed Up WordPress Website

A website speed is one of the ranking factors of Google search engine. A website with fast loading will be rank higher in Google as compare to other sites.

Speed up wordpress website

Following are the website where you can check website loading speed, and also they recommend how can a blog speed be the increase.

Google Speed Test

Analyize Site Speed GT Mertix

Mobile and SEO Friendly Website:

A website must pass mobile friendly test as the number of mobile users are increasing day by day. A mobile friendly website means its resize automatically on the mobile device according to its width and height.

For a mobile friendly website choose a mobile friendly themes. Here is the WordPress themes website to buy a mobile and SEO friendly theme.

Elegant Themes

Bing, Yandex and Google Webmaster Tool

Do you want to know what the search engines know about your website is to create the account on the top 3 search engines google, bing and Yandex?

Create and Submit sitemap to Google

Now submit the sitemap to google, bing and Yandex search engines so will understand what number of pages your site has.Use this website to create an XML sitemap for the website.

Create sitemap for WordPress blog

Webmaster tool gives information about how many pages are indexed by google, keywords ranking positions, some backlinks to a site and also errors occurs in crawling of a website.

404 Error page

when user clicks link or change the URL of a page which is not available on your will show the 404 page. Most of the new themes have by default 404 page.

Interlink blog post

Interlinking is the process of linking a blog post to another blog post on your site.Interlinking help user to understand about the topic in details and also its increase user time on a website which is also a ranking factor in SEO. Use LSI or related keywords in anchor text for the interlinking post.All the above technique is very important factors in on page SEO.

Off Page SEO Ranking Factors:

SEO is not complete without off page SEO. Off page, so is one of the major factors in SEO rankings. Off page is to promote blogs on the different website to gain higher ranking and traffic.

Off page seo Backlinks

Backlinko Backlinks Complete Guide

Off page is a way to link different site pointing back to your site. But you have to follow and check the google rule to increase ranking. Numbers of webmaster try to bypass this technique by not following the rules of Google and make a high number of backlinks which in Google point of view is spamming.

Make backlinks on Video Submission Site List

Quality and authority backlinks are which naturally added by webmasters, and its is coming from and authority website.

Bad links pointing to site may lead to Google penalties which mean loss of traffic, ranking and Google truest. A bad link means a backlink which is coming from low-quality websites.

Tips to Improve Google Ranking

Market on Different social media platform

After publishing, each post shares it on different social media platform so its huge gain number of traffic. A social signal is also important for ranking of blogs.

Why Backlinks Exchange is Bad For SEO

How much time does it take to SEO work?

Seo for each website will take times. It’s important to learn that it will not generate the result overnights.The best way is to be focused and do the SEO works.

Top SEO Tools

There are many tools available on the interest some of them are paid, and some are free.

Longtail Pro: TO find profitable and long tail keywords for a blog post.This tool is amazing to get longtail keywords in just minute.

Semrush: This is also a paid keyword research and competitors analysis tool to help you gain high ranking.

Plagiarism Checker: This is a free tool to check the content that is unique and not duplicate. I always use this tool to check plagiarism checking of an article.

Grammarly : This a one of the best tool to find grammatical mistakes and correct it.


SEO is changing time to time, but the basic technique is same from 15 years.SEO is about giving user-friendly experience to the user and make them happy with great contents.

Be patient while doing blogging and SEO and it takes a time to earn a first buck from blogging worlds.
I hope you will enjoy reading the SEO Complete guide step by step for beginner and now will have the best idea on how to optimize a blog for SEO.

If you have any question in your mind, please leave in comment sections.

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