How To Post An Animated Image GIF On Facebook

Facebook is the number one social networking sites which recently introduced the use of GIF images. Facebook user loves mames and GIF memes are now very popular. Facebook recently added the GIF images option in the

Facebook massenger can not update the status with GIF images directly on Facebook. There is a simple way to post animated gif image on Facebook follow the step by step process below.

How To Upload GIF Images Into Facebook

Step 1:  Create a GIF Image of Your own in Photoshop or any other Software. If you don’t know how to create Gif images. You can find beautiful GIF images online. Find and select GIF image right click on the images and copy the image URL.

Gif images

Step 2: Now login to your Facebook account and Paste the link into “ Whats Your Mind”. You can also use the keyboard shortcut “ CTRL + V” or right click and paste the link.

gif images post to facebook

Step 3: Now wait for a moment to load its property and then hit the post button. If you want to delete or leave the page, you can do it also before hit the post button.

This is the simple and easy way to send animated GIF images into Facebook. There is no other or direct way yet to do it.

How to Send GIF Animated Message In Facebook Messenger

First of all, if you have not login to FACEBOOK open your account and goto the chat options. Open an any one friend chat option whom you want to send GIF images.

Now click on the GIF option in the chat box and a  search option will be open enter name of the GIF you want to send. Now select the animated GIF image which you want to send and double click on it.

Facebook Gif Images

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How To Share/ Send Animated GIF Picture On Facebook Fan Page and Groups

  1. Login to account and open your FACEBOOK page by clicking on the setting button and after that Select the GIF image from any gif animated images website or create your own. you can use Giphy website popular for animated images.
  2. Now copy GIF URL address and paste on your FACEBOOK fan page.
  3. After posting, click on the image which will play through a loop.
  4. You can download GIF animated images from giphy website and can upload it on Facebook fan page and Share GIFS images on your Page.

Animated GIF Images for facebook

How to Send GIF messages via Facebook Messenger On Android tablet or Smartphone

  1. First of all, install Facebook Messenger app on your Android tablet or smart-phone depending on the device you are using. Also, install Giphy app to get animated images on mobile phones.
  2. Open the Giphy search and find your favorite animated image. Now tap the animated image and click on the send button.

Posting an animated image GIF on Facebook is very easy. if you have any problem you can comment it i will be happy to reply you.

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