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Social media is popular now with every generation. Seldom that we find a person without a Smartphone, and most have at least one social media account. Some use it to catch up with their loved ones. Others are sharing their experiences and documenting their achievement.

Through high-quality images, you can record your precious moments and share them through Face book or Instagram. Do you know that most of the images you see on these social media sites are in JPG format? A JPG has certain qualities why it is the best format for your pictures.

Most will upload it to their social media account for storing. But what if you are a private person and want to keep things to yourself and your loved ones? You can choose to store your pictures on your phone or hard drive. For easy organization and viewing, you can keep your pictures in one PDF file. Using a jpg to pdf free online conversion tool, you can do it easily. Imagine looking at your pictures like reading a book about an important life event.

What is JPG Format

JPG is the best format for digital images. It is the format used by most cameras. It is compressible for up to a 10:1 ratio. JPG was first published in 1992. JPG or JPEG is an acronym for its developers, the Joint Photographic Experts Group.

The format basis of JPG was first introduced by Nasir Ahmed in 1972. It took about 20 years before the final version of JPG was made publicly available. JPG is best used for photos.

Its capacity to be compressed and still have an excellent quality made it the best format for images uploaded on social media platforms. However, if you want to create an image with a line drawing, choose the PNG format. For picture editing, using a JPG is also not advisable since it cannot be divided into layers, and with multiple compression, you might lose some details of the image.

How to Convert JPG to PDF Easily

  • First, upload your JPG image to the PDFBear website, or you can also Drag and drop the image you want to convert to PDF.
  • Second, wait for your picture to upload completely to their server.
  • Third, choose the page size. The options are A4, letter, or Auto, where you let PDFBear detect the best size. You can also have the images in portrait or landscape layout. For the margins from the paper edge, you can opt for small, big, or no margin at all.
  • Fourth, click on the CREATE PDF NOW. It will take a few seconds for PDFBear to convert your JPG to PDF.
  • Lastly, download your new PDF file. You can also share it via an email or private message through the file link. After converting, you can directly use other PDF tools to transform your newly converted file. You may merge it with other PDF files, compress it to have a smaller size for fast online sharing, or convert it to Word to edit the file contents.
How to Convert JPG to PDF Easily

PDFBear Has More To Offer

PDFBear offers other tools that tools may find useful. It is not limited to the conversion of images. You can also convert Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and HTML to PDF. On the opposite side, you can convert a PDF to the same file formats except for HTML. If you have separate PDF files and organize them into one PDF, you can use the Merge PDF tool of PDFBear.

In case you are to send your file, it is always convenient for the receiver to download only one file. If you find that merging a lot of PDF files has a large size that it becomes heavy to send online, you can use the PDFBear Compress PDF tool.

 Your file will have a smaller size but still have excellent quality. Each tool on their website is made well so it will be simple for you. Checkout the PDFBear website, and you will see other features that can help you.

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A JPG to PDF converter is also useful in the office. For instance, in the Accounts Receivable Department, your customer may require you to send a copy of their billing statement.

Make sure that they can access the file. After scanning the image, convert it to PDF. This will let the customer access your file on their computers, avoiding the errors that might occur for system requirements-related issues.

It is also professional to send one PDF file for all the statements rather than sending multiple images. With PDF, you can also organize dated account statements and official receipts in chronological order. Since these types of data should be kept private, you can use PDFBear for conversion. They ensure the privacy and safety of all your files. Their conversion tool is easy to use and will not compromise confidentiality.

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