How To Make Your Own Thumbnails For Youtube Videos

Custom Thumbnail on YouTube is very important to attract visitors. If you are a youtuber and Making great and informational videos on YouTube but don’t create and upload a custom thumbnail, then you are missing 90% traffic.

Some youtuber don’t make custom thumbnail they choose the automatically created thumbainal for their videos.

If your videos dont have a custom, attracting and engaging thumbnail, then you have to make your own thumbnail for YouTube videos. Custom thumbnails attract more than 90% user to videos which mean more view and more money.

How To Enable Custom Thumbnails On YouTube

If you have not enabled custom thumbnail before then I am here to tell you the exact step to do it. If the you have already did it then you can skip it to the next section.

Following are the step to enable thumbnails of youtube videos.

1) Open up your Gmail account of your channel and click on profile picture on right side of corner.

2) Click on creator studio.

3) Now under the Channel menu click on status and Feature option.

4) Click on verify button.

How to Add custom thumbnail YouTube


5) For verification process select Text to phone option and enter your mobile number.


Youtube thumbnail maker


6) Enter the received code on mobile.

7) Enter the code and press submit button to verify account.

8) Now you will notice a green dot which indicates that account is verified successfully.

Now we have successfully enabled the custom thumbnails option on Youtube.

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How To Make Your Own Custom Thumbnails For YouTube Videos

There are many different software available through which you can create custom thumbnails for YouTube. Photoshop is master of all the design and editing software but for those who did not use Photoshop, it will be much difficult for them.

To create easily your own custom thumbnail for Youtube videos we will use the Canva online editing tool which is simple and easy to use.

Follow the step with images to understand it easily:

1)    Open Google Chrome browser and enter Canva in google.

2)     Now login to canve through facebook or google plus account.

3)    Click on custom dimension and enter the youtube custom thumbnail size 1920 x 1080.


to make your own custom thumbnails fo

youtube thumbnail background


4)    Now you can upload any background from personal computer and edit it easily, write text or add any elements.



5)    Once you did all the editing and complete the thumbnail. Now click on the download button on upper top of the canva website.

6)    There are two option you can use to download PNG and JPEG. Download as PNG.

download thumbnails


7)    Now you have successfully created the youtube thumbnails for videos. If you do not get it from images you can watch the following video to understand it more easily.

How to Add custom thumbnail To YouTube Videos

We have successful enable and create the thumbnail on youtube now its time to upload it. Open the and click on the profile picture and select creator studio. Click on video manger option and edit button next to each video you want to update the thumbnail.


Youtube video thumbnails



Below the automatically thumbnails generated by youtube there is a button custom thumbnail click on it and select your design images and upload it.


add custom thumbnail youtube


In this article we have explained three different tip or technique about youtube. Now you can easily create your own thumbnail for the youtube video and upload it.

Watch Video To Create Custom Thumbnails For Youtube


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