Make Money Online Easy And Fast (A Beginners Guide)

We cannot get a part time job every time to make some extra money.

But those who do a second or part time job it’s good.

But what about those who don’t do part time?

Students, Moms, housewife and the rest of other who cannot find the job and have free time in a home. We have a great surprise for them. They can get a list of top easy ways to make money online.

Make Money Online Easy And Fast (A beginners Guide)


Thanks to technology and the internet nowadays there is wide range of online jobs available. Before technology and the internet people use to do a second job like watchmen, cleaning houses, cutting grass, etc.

Making money online is never easy before. If you have skills, knowledge, passion and time, then nobody can stop you to make the extra buck online for free. The legitimate way of making money will not get you rich quickly, but it will give some extra money.

I am going to share the real and legitimate ways of making money online easy and fast.

1. Freelancing Website

There are dozens of websites available where everyone who has some skill can earn money from home. In this way, you must have a laptop or PC, internet connection, and any skill.

If you are a beginner and you have no skills to start, then I will suggest you to learn from the following links.

Following are the top freelancing platform:

A)    Fiverr

For a beginner or newbie who has no skill. Start from Fiverr which is a great platform to earn money online.

If you have no skills you can try the following services:

• A unique Idea
• Paint a message on body
• Wish a birthday
• Prank call anyone
• Balloon pooping
• Or other

Make $1 on fiverr today


Earn with Fiverr


If you have skills you can provide the following services:

• Graphic designing (Logo design, broucer design etc)
• Website design and development services
• Promote business on Facebook through adverting
• Translate English to any language you understand
• Create a video testimonial or product promotion video
• Other services

Top Gig anyone can make money on fiverr

How much can you make through Fiverr?

Fiverr start from $5, but you can charge according to your services, work and time. Here are the complete details how to creat the account and get started money online.

Also,  I made $1000 from a single Photoshop gig.

Learn Photoshop And Make Money On Fiverr

Rank Fiverr Gig to get more sales

B)    Upwork

Upwork is a little different platform form Fiverr. In Upwork people post jobs time to time where in Fiverr you can showcase services and people will hire you. Jobs are posting in different niches you can select any niches.




Once you find a job on Upwork, you must bid and send a proposal for the job. The proposal is basically a cover letter saying that we have good experience in the particular task and have done the same project in the past.

C) Other freelancing websites:

There is other dozens number of freelancing website where you can also create the account and make a handsome amount number of money. Here is the list of the top freelancing websites.

1. Peopleperhour
2. Freelancer
3. Guru
4. 99design
5. Craigslist

Top 15 freelancing site list

2. Make Money via Blogging

Blogging is one of the best and long-term method to earn money from the INTERNET. So, you want to start blogging! Great you are in the right place.In this section, I will explain in details from what is blogging to make money from the blog.

What is blogging?

A blog is an informational or discussion websites which is updating frequently.

wikipedia blog definition

Make Money via Blogging


Why should You start blogging career?

Before starting a blog, you should know why you are going to start a blog, or you have any good idea.
Blogging is nowadays one of the most popular ways of communication and spreading information. If you have the passion for writing a want to become a good writer then blogging is a good platform to increase writing skills. Last but not the least you will make money form blogging.

Get Google Adsense Account Easily 



What should you need to start your own blog?

Following are the most important thing you should have to start a blog.

• Choose and buy short and memorable domain Name

• Buy Hosting which has 100% up time.

• Choose WordPress CMS for creating a blog which is most popular and easy to learn

• Design a beautiful blog

• Write unique and engaging contents

• Do Search engine optimization for blog

Now after doing all of the above steps you will receive traffic from search engines and different social media sites. Once you receive the good amount of traffic 500-1000 per days.

Best website to buy domains

Monetize Blog to Make money (Make money with Google)

Check my post of monetization of a blog. One of the best methods is to apply for Google AdSense account and monetize website/blog with AdSense.

Create a free blog on Google

There is the more alternate network of Google AdSense available through which you can earn money. The top on the list is, info link, propeller Ads, BuySell Ads.

How to find profitable high paying keywords for Google AdSense



Earning good amount of money from YouTube is not that easy as you might think. Its require a lot of hurdles to overcomes. It will take time, and this is not a quick rich method.




If you are really good at something or you have a hobby and want to record videos and entertain the audience of YouTube. You can make the great amount of money by just recording and uploading videos.

To get started on YouTube you will need to create an account and make a channel. Here is the step by step method to create a YouTube channel and link with google AdSense.

Following are the most common question people are asking and searching on the different forum.

1. How many views to make money on YouTube?

This is one of the most asking common questions. But this question has no specific answer some YouTube expert have opinion that you can earn $1 per thousand views or $5 per thousand views.



YouTube earning depends on the engagement of viewer with ads. Engagement means watching and clicking ads for more than 30 seconds.

2. How you get paid by YouTube?

Once you have created channel next step is to apply for google Adsense hosted account. Keep in mind that YouTube changes their algorithm you will only make money once your channel crossed 10,000 views.

Link Adsense with Youtube

Connect Google AdSense with YouTube and enable monetization for videos. After earning minimum threshold of $100, you can get paid by YouTube.

4. Earn with Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trusted way of making money online fast. Through affiliate marketing, we promote a product to earn commission after each sale. You can choose a product, promote it online or on your blog and earn after each sale.

Approve Account and Make Money With BuySell Ads

Earn with Affiliate Marketing easy way to make money online


What skills will you require to earn money from affiliate marketing?

Following are the step to earn $30-$100 from affiliate marketing.

1. A WordPress blog or website: A blog or website for writing great and attractive content

2. Having little knowledge of HTML &CSS: A basic knowledge of HTML & CSS will be enough to make the design of websites catchy and to highlight the call to actions.

3. Write great and engaging content for a blog: Writing good and informative content for a blog to engage users.

4. A short Ebook: write a book with the most demanding topic and about your niche, so it will attract the reader to site.Design a beautiful Ebook cover.

5. Email auto responder

6. Targeted Traffic to get sales

5: Make money online Fast with Domain and website Flipping:

Domain and website flipping is also one of the fast ways to make money online. If you have some basic skill and idea of domain or website flipping, then try it.

Domain Flipping:

You have to buy a domain name from Godday for $0.99 and register with Godday auctions to sell the your domain name. Godday will charge a normal yearly fee. A domain with high authority and popular can be sold for as high as $1000 and to make quick money.

Website flipping:

Website flipping is the way to buy, improve and sell. A website with good traffic can be flip on for amazing prices. If you have a site with a good number of visitors, the high monthly income you can flip it on flippant. After that people will start bidding on your site and you can sell it for high amount.

Monetize a Blog to earn money




6: Become an instructor (Online Tutoring):

Online tutoring is one of the ways to make money without paying anything . if you are a professional teacher or a student of the university, collage. You can also earn by teaching on a different online platform.


Become an instructor (Online Tutoring)


Following are the currently top sites to teach online:

1) Udemy:

I personally love udemy. On udemy you can create free and paid course of any topic for student all over the world. The best thing on udemy is you can make a very short basic or a details course. After student enroll to class and leave a positive feedback, it will increase your reputation on udemy.

To become a top professional teacher on udemy is to first deliver free course. Once you have a good number of students, you can make the course paid.

2) Skillshare:

Make Money on skillshare with teaching what you know. Teachers create a course, decided a price for the course and student enrolled in any course that they want to learn.

Skillshare has free and paid both courses available in the library. You will earn every time a student enrolls into class.

You can teach in the following categories:

1) Website design and development

2) Photoshop form basic to advance

3) Film and Photography

4) Fashion and Technology


These are top 6 easy ways to make money online easy, fast and free. You will find many guides on the INTERNET about different making money jobs but make sure there are some scam and fraud jobs in the INTERNET as well.

We have discussed the genuine and long term methods. Start your own full time and part time online jobs now to earn some extra money.

If you have any question in your mind regarding this article please leave a feedback. We will be happy to answer you.


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