5 Ways To Make Money Online By Writing In 2020

Quality writing is one of the quickest and effective methods to earn money in the current year. Professional writers with a good skill set choose a form of writing and work remotely to get handsome monetary sums.

Depending on the category of writing category you are interested in, a consistent sum of money can be earned. However, a basic principle of producing online content is assuring quality. Several writers end up with failed careers only because they do not pay attention to the standard of writing. Due to substandard material, they are unable to gather a good count of readers.

To create a positive impression, make sure that you perform plagiarism checks and pay attention to other areas of content quality.

An Online Plagiarism Checker is a Lifesaver For Writers

Plagiarism checking is not something that has to be done for a particular form of writing. You need to perform it while writing academic papers, blogs, articles, product reviews, and other content forms. The consequences of delivering plagiarized material are quite severe so writers have to adopt the best strategy in this case.

Which 5 writing options can be used to earn money online


  • There is no doubt that using a best free plagiarism checker is much better than reading the content and checking it manually. Standard conventional proofreading has countless negative points attached. The first one is not checking everything. As humans, we tend to make mistakes when there is slip of concentration. If you are required to read a lot of content and check whether any part has been copied or not, this mistake can be committed. An online plagiarism checker does not have such inefficiencies until it has quality problems.


  • The task of manual plagiarism checking is both daunting and exhausting so it is good to look for an easier alternative. You do not have to perform any content scanning tasks once an online plagiarism checker is used. This online tool completes the checking tasks in the most convenient manner.

Which 5 Writing Options Can be Used to Earn Money Online?

Here are the top options that writers can use for earning money online.

#1.      Academic paper writing

College and university students go through a very tough time when they have to work on academic papers. Time is the biggest challenge that they face. Professional research writers write their assignments for them so that they can get good grades without the slightest of struggle.

Working on term papers, research papers or dissertations is not that simple after all. The first challenge is going through several sources and gathering information according to the finalized scope. These papers cannot be written by going through one web page or portal. If you have quality research capabilities, you can use this writing option to earn money online.

College and university students normally need this form of professional help due to lack of writing skills. They do not have enough knowledge about gathering information and preparing top-notch content. Secondly, they have to tackle the pressure of day to day academic tasks as well. Hence, hiring an academic writer works best for them.

#2.      Blog and Article writing

Quality articles have a high demand rate considering the fact that the importance of digital marketing is increasing.  To increase the SEO rank, owners need to publish fresh articles and blogs so that an improved readability level is offered.

A lot of writers work on a remote basis and prepare top-quality content for different websites. In order to attain success, you have to be sure that there are no quality issues with the content. To check copied content, you can get hold of a good online plagiarism checker. Similarly, a reputed application can be used for grammar checking and proofreading.

Content Writing tips

There are some situations where you need to get the content from other’s websites. However, you can get rid of the sarcasm of plagiarism through the Paraphrasing tool. The paraphrasing tool changes the wording of the content but maintains the meaning and idea of the content. In this way, you can make your copied content unique as well as use for publications. This way, you also need less effort and time.

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#3.      Product Review Writing

Websites that are involved in product selling generate a review for each commodity being sold. When buyers are looking at different options, they have a look at the ratings that different platforms have given to a particular commodity. These reviews are written by professional writers who survey different sources and gather information about the product. The pros and cons are paraphrased according to the compiled data.

#4.      Social Media Content Writing

These days, brands generate 70% or even more of the total sales through social media channels. A buyer would instantly purchase a product if it has impressive FaceBook comments. In a nutshell, social media reviews matter a lot, and majorly impact the decision making of the buyer.

Make Money Online By Writing

People who prepare content for social media channels are expected to have a lot of creativity. They have to work with an “out of the box” approach. Impactful content made available on FaceBook, Twitter, and other platforms can do wonders.

#5. Press Releases

Press releases are mostly connected to product launches. When a brand is modifying an existing product or a plan to introduce a new range, a press release is published is that the customer knows about the official date after which they can make purchases.

This form of writing usually involves research about the company profile and the commodities it deals in. In a nutshell, it is a strong online earning option that writers can consider.


Online writing is a very helpful way to earn money while working remotely as a freelancer or as a full-time employee as well. However, a lot of writers do not have good careers in this regard as they do not pay attention to the correct factors. For instance, what you produce on the internet needs to be free of plagiarism. A reputed online tool should be used so that all risks are eliminated.

If you have quality writing abilities and can produce high standard content, there are multiple options that you can take into account. Writing blogs or articles is one of the alternatives. Similarly, if you have extraordinary research skills, you can work on academic papers for college and university students.

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