How to Start Make Money With DreamHost Hosting Affiliate

This article not only enlightens you about Hosting Affiliate programs but also tells you about a specific program, DreamHost, that you could earn a lot from. Now you must be wondering what a Hosting Affiliate program is?

What Is A Host Affiliate Program?

It is a performance based marketing in which a company/party you are affiliated with rewards you for each visitor or customer you bring them with your own efforts.

This payment depends upon how many audience you can gather for a party you are affiliated with. And how much it benefits from your efforts. It is an easy and quick way to earn if you have a good audience on your website.

DreamHost Introduction

DreamHost is one of the top websites for hosting. You can make upto $50/sale through an affiliate program they offer.

You don’t even have to be a DreamHost customer to become a member of this program. It’s easy and quick and lets you earn a good sum of money.

To Get Started With the DreamHost Hosting Affiliate Program

To get started, first thing you have to do is to register to DreamHost Affiliate Program. The registration link is: Become A DreamHost Affiliate Now

After signing up, login to the programe and click on the reward tab to get your DreamHost affiliate link. Next, start spreading this link to people through social media blog post or email.


How Much Money Can Be Made Through This Affiliate Program

A huge number of people are benefiting from this program. Over a period of 6 years, more than $15000 can be earned depending on how many sales you carry out. They pay you both through PayPal and cheque. You will be check your affiliate income every month once you become a premium publisher.

You will also be getting special promo codes for people who are signing up for more than 2 years.

You can decide how much discount you want to give; a maximum of discount you can offer is $50.The discount will be deducted from your payment. Once you have become a premium affiliate, you will be able to draw money at the end of every month.Also, DreamHost offers a 3 tier meaning that if your subhost is of any benefit, you will be getting a $5 per referral.

So now you have a good detail of the DreamHost program as well as how a hosting affiliate program can benefit you. Go on join one and Make Money Online.

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