How to Make BlogSpot Blog SEO Friendly – Blogger SEO Tips

Blogger is a free platform of Google For creating and managing any blogs. If you are a newbie and just want to start a blog, then blogger is a Free and friendly platform to start. You just need a Gmail account to create a blog on blogger.

Once you created a blog on blogger your next step is to make BlogSpot blog SEO friendly. In this tutorial I will share on page SEO tips for blogger. There are many free blogger templates available on the internet you can download it and used it but make sure the template you are using is SEO friendly.

Top 7 ON Page Blogger SEO Tips and Tricks:

1)    Setup Custom Robots Header Tags:

The first step is to increase search engine visibility which will increase Organic traffic from Google. For this purpose, we will setup custom robots header tags.

Step1: Go to blogger dashboard and select your blog for which you want to change custom robots header tags.

Step2: Now goto setting and select search preferences from the drop down. Click on the edit link next to Custom robots header tags.

Setup Custom Robots Header Tags

Step 3: Now check the Yes check box to enable custom robots header tags.

checkbox to enable

 Step 4: Next step is to select from a set of checkboxes just follow the below image and select the checkboxes which are checked in the image.

2)    Add custom robots.txt File to blogger blog:

Robots.txt is a file which contains code for the search engines bots to crawls post and pages on the website. We can tell crawler to index only important pages in search engines.

 robots.txt File to blogger blog custom robots.txt File to blogger blog

Go to setting then search preferences and edit custom robots.txt. Copy the following code into robots.txt of your blogger blog and hit the save button.

3)    Optimized Title of Blog Post:

To write an optimized SEO Friendly Blog title you must do a keywords research for the blog post. If you don’t know how to do keyword research, we have a blog post on long tail keyword tools Follow it and find low competition keywords for your blog. Always start your blog title with the main keywords.

4)    Optimized Images of the blog:

if images are optimized correctly there are good chances to get organic traffic from Google. Always add your Main and related keywords in the alt tag of Images. So if someone searches for images with keywords optimized in the alt tags you blog images will be shown in Google images search.

5)    Interlink Blog Post:

Interlinking is great ways to decrease bounce rate on your website. Interlink your old blog posts to new blog post always. Internal link of blog post will increase pages views, decrease bounce rate and also help in increasing ranking of blog.

6)    Submit of blog To Top Search Engines:

There are 3 top search engines on the INTERNET Google, Bing and Yandex. Always submit and verify your blog to top search engine after completing the blog design and layout setting. Create and submit a sitemap to webmaster tools as well.

7)    Add Google Analytics:

If you want to track the user of your website or want to know how much traffic you get per day, Monty and all the time. You have to create a Google Analytics account and link with your blogger blog.

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