Learn Photoshop Online Free And Make Money

Photoshop is one of the leading and best software for designing every type of designs. This is why it’s the number one choice of every designer and developer.

Today I will explain where I learn Photoshop online free and then how I make money online from my Photoshop skills. Let me clear you one thing Photoshop is not only a software it more than software. You can design a business card, product or a website design, etc.

When I am in 8th grade, my friends has edited some great pictures. So I ask him how you do this amazing pictures, he simply answer me that I have designed and edited in Photoshop and it not an easy jobs.

From that day I have an interest in my mind to learn Photoshop editing. I started watching different types of videos on YouTube about Photoshop and different sites. I am not an expert In Photoshop but just learn the basic and intermediate skill in Photoshop and earn some good money.

List of online Free Photoshop Courses and Videos Tutorials:

1)    Adobe Tv Website: In Adobe official TV you can watch free tutorial form basic to advance. Adobe Tv doing a weekly show on it different product and features. You can learn from the expert of Photoshop here. Go to the following link to view and learn from free videos tutorials.

Adobe Tv Channel

2)    Photoshop Tutorials on YouTube:  second and the always free way to learn anything you have to visit Youtube.com and enter in the search bar about it. Enter Photoshop Tutorials in the search bar and hit enter some videos on channel will appear who is doing Photoshop tutorials videos. Start from the basic tool and learn advanced skills.

Youtube Photoshop Courses

3)    Udemy Photoshop Tutorials:  udemy is the learning and teaching platform. udemy provides different types of free and paid courses for the student. Follow the link to get free use my Photoshop courses list. Create account on udmey and enroll now on 11 free courses before it’s paid.

Udemy Free Photoshop Course 

Udemy Free Photoshop Courses

4)    Designstack Photoshop Effect tutorials:  Designstack website provides you different types advance Photoshop effect which makes you a complete Photoshop expert. But these tutorials are for an expert level you have to learn some basic Photoshop before dirty your hand on it.

5)    phlearn.com: Learn More than 700 free tutorials on Photoshop designing from the Expert basic to advance.

6)    Photoshop.com:  Learn Adobe Photoshop tips, tricks and skill from basic to advance on Photoshop website. This is the official website of Adobe community.

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How to Earn money From Photoshop Skill:

Today I am going to reveal that how much amount I have earned from one gig on Fiverr which is related to Photoshop. If you don’t know about Fiverr check my article Rank Fiverr gigs.
I created a gig on Fiverr that I will remove background form your images or pictures in Photoshop and generated $940 so far.

So the question is how you can make money from Photoshop by learning. There are many Freelancing websites on the INTERNET where you can sell your Photoshop services. You can offer Background remove from images, Object removal and changing background colors. For more ideas visit Fiverr and check gig related to five.

The top freelancing website where you can marketplace your Photoshop services are:
1) Fiverr.com (Recommended for beginner who just wants to start freelancing)
2) Peopleperhour .com
3) Upwork.com
4) Freelancer.com


So learn Photoshop online from the free resources and make money by building skills and start a freelancing career.


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