How To Increase Download Speed Internet,Chrome and Utorrent

There are many ways to increase the download speed of internet connection. We are facing the problem of low internet speed every day in our life, and we have to download quickly some important software or an office document.

In this post, we will learn the ways how to make things download faster by speeding up internet, chrome and utorrent. First, we have to check our Internet speed.

How to test your Internet Speed

To test your internet speed open up the browser and enters in Google search “test speed”. Now open the website name and click on run test. Now after some second its will show your internet speed of Uploading file and downloading a file.

This is my test result of internet speed. It will depend on a country as some of the countries are have good cable internet. Now in this post, we will learn how to increase download speed.

How to Increase or boost up download speed of internet

Disconnect Useless Devices:

Disconnect any useless or non-essentials devices from your internet connection. Check the devices connected to the internet, for example, Smart phones, tablets any other laptop or computers.

Background running Software:

Close any apps or software that is running in the background of your computer and which you are not using it because these apps dramatically slow your downloading speed.


how to make things download faster


Use Downloading software:

To speed up your download always use a downloading software. Many users don’t know about any downloading software, and they try to download files with the built-in browser software.

This built-in software is enough for your small file downloading but if you are going to download a file with large size. Then I will suggest you download it with any downloader software.

One of the best downloading software is internet download manager but it free for only one month.if you purchase it then your speed of downloading will increase more than 50%.

Virus or malware:

One of the main ways of low internet speed is virus or malware. Sometimes these virus and malware are running and steal your information and sending it through internet which causes slow down internet speed.

So I will suggest you to always use genuine and updated version of any best of the free and best anti-virus is Microsoft security essential download its latest and updated version form filehippeo.

How to increase download speed in chrome

Google chrome provides high downloading speed, but if you are facing some problem, then you are in the right place. There are some simple and eas ways to increase download speed in Google chrome.

Update Google Chrome:

update existing version of google chrome if you are using the old version currently. New and updated version of Google chrome has good security, performance, with out any errors and up to date.

To update Google chrome go to chrome browser menu and click on Help >> then about google chrome menu and this will open up the new window. Now check if there is any new version available to update.


how to make chrome download faster


Disable Extension and clear browsing date always:

First go to your extension and disable all the extra extension which you are not using. Second, go to History menu and clear browsing date regular.

Enable prediction service to load page more quickly:

To speed up the page load performance and thus speed up a download.Open up Google chrome and click on setting menu from the drop-down options. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on show advance setting.

Click on privacy and setting after that enable to use a predication service to load page more quickly.So we learn how to make chrome download faster.

google chrome download speed faster


How to increase download speed in utorrent

Now in this section, we will learn how to increase download speed in utorrent. To do this, we have to do utorrent settings for faster download. open up the utorrent and click on preference from the options menu.

how to increase download speed in utorrent


Now click bandwidth form the listed links and do all the setting form the below image. Once do all the change successfully now click on apply and ok to save changes.


utorrent settings for faster download


You can also watch the video to increase download speed of utorrent.



I hope you will learn the ways to increase downlaod speed of internet, chrome and utorrent. if you have any question don’t forget to leave in comment section.



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