How To Use Pinterest For Business Marketing

If you are using Pinterest to promote your business. Then you are getting a step ahead in the market. If not, you can get more advancement for your market brand.

Like other social media platforms, Pinterest is a place to connect to friends but the visual search engine is much more.

People or more specifically pinners come to Pinterest for ‘inspiration’. They plan their travels, dinner, wedding, cart, wardrobe and many other interests and the platform seems helpful to them. In this artilce we will learn how we can use pinterest for business marketing.

Why Should We Use Pinterest For Business

There are many reasons which is why Pinterest is fruitful for your brand marketing.

  • Pinterest has a Large Strength Globally

Pinterest community is consist of more than 300 million users. Pinterest is much different than other social networks, Because pinners mostly take inspirations to their plans rather than just communicating.

  • Visual Search Facility

Pinterest is the only platform that uses image search. This feature makes Pinterest unique in a way that it gives users easiness to search by image. Also they can imagine their themes and plans by seeing the pictures from brands.

  • Popular Network in USA

Pinterest is the fourth most popular Social network in the United States. The use of Pinterest is more than LinkedIn ,Twitter and WhatsApp in the Country. 28 % of the adult are on the network. The traffic is diverse and useful for business advertisement.

  • Women Love Pinterest More Then Man

Pinterest is popular among women especially moms more than 67% of Pinterest base is women. In United States, 80 % of the moms are pinners. Mostly, they are decision makers for purchasing like household shopping.

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  • People Use Pinterest To Purchase

According to Pinterest, 55 % of pinners search only for shopping. And 83% of weekly users do their purchases on the bases of content they see from brands in pinboards.

How To Create A Pinterest Business Account

You can join Pinterest as a brand owner or advertiser in three ways.

1. You can add a business profile to your existing personal profile
2. You can convert personal account into business account
3. You can sign up for a business account.

How to Signup for a Business Account On Pinterest

So, following are the steps to show how to signup for a business account. If you have already an account then log out from it.

signup for pinterest

  • Choose your language, location and give your business name.
  • Give the details of your business and a link to your website.

Add your website link to pinterest
link website

  • You can add your other accounts like Youtube or Instagram in ‘Connect your other account.
  • Provide contact information to Pinterest.
  • You can update or add details to your profile in ‘Edit profile’.

Add profile details

  • On left-side menu click claim. Here you can add your website and keep tracking of website analytics.

claim your site

  • Now, Create a Pinterest board by clicking on plus sign above ‘create a board’. In the board you can add media and SEO optimized description.

create pinterest board

    • Add a pin with title, link and a description including keyword.

creat first pin

  • Press publish and choose the board for the pin.

You can add the pinterest tag if you aim to advertise on Pinterest. This will allow you to keep noticing and understand the activity of people on your website, they do after seeing your pins.

How To Use Pinterest For Marketing Your Business

Use the following tactics to help in business advertisement.

1. Create eye-catching content

According to a Pinterest Study, 85 % of Pinners keep focus more on visual than text. Some of the tips are effective for your pin. Because 85% of Pinners are on mobile. Image should be in vertical aspect of 2:3 to grab more visitors.Your Description should be such attractive that user want to learn more about the product.

2. Pinterest SEO optimization

Pinterest is a visual search engine and similar to all the other search engines. Keywords are the root of searches in Pinterest. It is important to use your pin, board and company titles and descriptions. Hashtag is also effective for the reason significantly when pinners follow the hashtag of their interest.

3. Give easiness to pinner in shopping

As we know pinners are interested in shopping, So , purchasing should be easy for them. One way is to use ‘Shop the look Pins’. These pins hide the online process by allowing people to click the specific home item of their interest. This leaves them directly to the product page for purchase.

4. Make Pins regularly

Pinterest recommends to add a pin daily. Pinning regularly increase the reach of your content. You can schedule pins according to audience insight. So, Making a post is very much persuasive when the bulk of your audience is online.

5. Plan for seasons in advance

Pinners like to think in advance for holidays and festivals. Brands have to be more proactive in this regard. Pinterest suggests sharing occasional content 30-45 days before.Festivals and holidays are bonuses for businesses. For this Look through Pinterest’s ‘seasonal Insight Planne’. Choose an occasion that your brand can prepare for and use right keywords.

6. Target the pinners with ads

One effective tactics that can be used on Pinterest is ads. Pinterest uses keywords, location, interest, age and other data for ads. This allows advertisers to target the audience on Pinterest.Insights about your website visits, pinners engagements with your pins and similar content can help you to reach the most relevant audience.

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Active audience can also be used to help marketers to discover users interested in their products. You have to choose and a pinner as a source and Pinterest will suggest like-minded people for you.

7. Use boards for interaction with Pinners

Give the pinners a wisdom to follow your board. Assign your board for a type of product to be add by influencers and partners.

watch the above video to lern more about How To Use Pinterest For Business Marketing. It’s the best and perfect place to showcase your brand, business and products to an engaged marketplace with plenty of spending power.

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