How To Remove A Page Title In WordPress

WordPress is one of the best content management system right now. With WordPress we can design and developed any type of website or blog.

But if you want to change something and want to customize it you have to change it from the theme coding.

If you published a post or page, you will notice WordPress add by default a title at the top of the content. If you want to use the WordPress as a landing page or a static home page, then the title look annoying and you want to remove it.

When you are trying to add the different style to the main page or want to customize it. Then the page with the title doesn’t look user-friendly. Its very easy to remove page title in WordPress website or blog.

One of the easy way is to do not enter the page or post title. In pages, you will need to enter first the title and then go back and remove the title, but it will show the no title label in the pages.

It might be not the good way to do it because if you have a good number of pages then every page title will be no title.

There are many also WordPress plugin available which can do the job of remove the title form the WordPress post or title.

How To Remove Page Title In WordPress Manually Without Plugin

If you don’t want to use the WordPress plugin to hide the title of WordPress page then the easy way is to do it manually from the WordPress theme code.

This will only remove the title from the website, but the title of each page will be available in the WordPress admin area through which you can easy check the specific pages.

Follow the step by step process the remove the page title in WordPress site.

Step 1:  Search and Find the CSS Class Name of the title

Open the website page in the browser and right click in the page area. Now click on view page source.

Now enter “ CTRL + F ” the shortcut for finding anything in the page a search pop-up will be open and enter H1 in the box. Notice that the title of the page will be in the H1 html element.

<h1 class=”entry-title”>Sample Page</h1>

Now we have found the title class name which is entry title .

Step 2: Locate and copy the title id

Next step is to search and find the title id of the page or website. If you have close the source code page now again right click on the page and hit view source code. Look the source code carefully and you will find the page id above the class name and copy the id name.

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Step 3: Edit and add Code in Theme Stylesheet file

Once you have done the above two step now it’s time to add 2 line of code into the theme stylesheet file.
Go to wordpress theme dashboard >> Apperance >> Editor>> style >> stylesheet (style.css).

Now scroll to the bottom of the code and add the following line of code.

.post-2 .entry-title{    display :none;   }

Click on the update file button to save the changes into stylesheet. Now the title of a post and the page will be hidden and if you want to change the style of the theme you can add CSS code to the stylesheet as well.

How to Hide Post And Page Title For The Selected Post

To hide the title of selected post and pages we have to use a plugin called Hide title. Install and activate the plugin edit the post or page and on the edit screen you will see a meta box with an option to hide the title check the option and update the post or page.

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Hiding the post or page title manually will take some more minutes for the first time, but you can also use the WordPress free plugins name Hide page and post title or title remover plugin to remove page title in WordPress.



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