How To Remove Or Delete WordPress Theme Completely

In this WordPress tutorial, I will explain how you can delete WordPress theme completely. Sometime you install a theme for your new blog or website and after some days or months you think the design of a website is not impressive, the website takes time in loading or bounce rate is increasing.

Bounce rate is very important if your website design looks good user will love it and will spend time on your website which will decrease bounce rate.

There are hundreds or thousand of free theme available in the WordPress repository but free themes have some problems they are not SEO friendly, Design is not attractive and also have less feature as compared to the premium themes.

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Always buy a theme for your blogs if you want responsive, SEO friendly, attractive and elegant. Premium themes developers provide full support, and they are updating the theme regularly by adding new features time to time.

Before deleting a WordPress theme, you have you to deactivate the current theme, so i will show you the step by Step process to deactivate the current theme.

How to deactivate a theme in WordPress

You cannot deactivate the active theme directly for this you have to active the other theme or default theme.

1) First login to WordPress dashboard
2) Go to Appearance >> Themes >>
3) Click on the other theme or WordPress default twenty seventeen themes which are deactivated and make it active
4) So you have successfully deactivated the active theme

Select theme to Deactivate

Now next step is to delete a WordPress theme. There are two methods to delete the theme.

Delete a WordPress theme from Dashboard Completely

1) Now click on the deactivated theme to see the theme details
2) Click the Delete Button on the right corner
3) Now you have successfully deleted the theme

Click To Delete theme

How to delete a WordPress theme from FTP

For this method, you will need software called FTP (File transfer protocol). Install it from here.
1) First login to server with FTP manager
2) Open up the WordPress installation folder
3) Go to wp-content/themes folder
4) select your theme which you want to delete and delete it by right click and delete option.
5) Now your theme is successfully deleted

How to delete a wordpress theme completely

Go to wordpress Themes Folder

Reneme the Theme Folder.

Common  Error “ WordPress deletion failed: the requested theme does not exist ”

One of the most common errors “Wordpress Deletion failed: the requested theme does not exist” occur when trying to delete a WordPress theme from a dashboard.

How to solve WordPress deletion failed error?

1) To solve this error login to your website panel
2) Go to WordPress directory
3) Now wp-content/themes/
4) Select the theme you want to delete
5) Right click and rename the theme Name
6) Now go back to WordPress dashboard
7) Click on theme details and Click the Delete button

This is the easy and step by step method to solve the WordPress deletion failed error.

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Always choose WordPress theme carefully for your WordPress blog or website to avoid any problems. Hopefully, the above various methods to delete a WordPress theme completely will slove your problem.

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