How to Monetize a Blog that Make Money

If You have a blog that is receiving Huge number of Traffic then you can easily Generate Good amount by monetize your blog through different platform which offering Advertisement


But the real problem comes with those whose have not huge or large amount of traffic so how can they make money from there blog.

I will explain that how can someone Monetize a blog that make money either they have good traffic or have a new blog and less traffic.

Best Ways to Monetize  Website or Blog Having Good Traffic

1) Pay Per Click Method

As the name stated you will be make money when someone click on your website adds. First you have to create an account on this network which provide revenue by pay per click Methods.

Once your account approve you have to place the code provided by the ads networks in your blogs ads area. This networks depends on Huge amount of traffic .if you get premium Traffic form premium country like USA, UK and other country then your revenues will be good.

Pay per Click Method

 Country in Asia they have low CPC means cost per click. so its depends on the regions of traffic and the keywords you have used in your blog.

There are number of Pay Per Click Methods but Google Adsense is in on the top of the list. Some other network are chitka ,clicksor, BIdvertiser.

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2) Cost Per Mile (CPM)

Cost per mile advertising Method is same like Pay Per Click Methods but they are giving revenue through on the number of impressions (Page views) you received.

This Monetization method is best for that website whose receive huge number of page views. There are number of Cost per Mile networks provider.

Just like pay per click methods you will get more revenue where you have place the advertisement on top place on your website.

Here is list of 5 best CPM ads networks for blogs

3) Affiliate Marketing

This method is the Great way to Monetize blog if you have Good Knowledge of  affiliate marking and do all the things on the right ways. I am not suggesting this method for newbie blogger whose just started there blog

In this method you have to promote a product online through a website or YouTube video and if someone buy the product you will get your commission for each product you sales.

you can place add banner, text banner on your blog to attract viewer of your site to but the product.

4) Advertising Space on your site

A blogger can also use this method to sell space on website for advertiser to display there adds. This is a great method through which you can receive the total amount as there is no middle man in this way.

Space will be provided for some fix amount of time and depends on which area space on your website the advertise want. Price can be change according to space and amount of time.


Blog Monetization Methods For less Traffic

5) Record Tutorials on Different Topics and Sell it

As number of people are searching and interested on Video base tutorial or Guides .so if you have A good knowledge about any topic then record videos step by step and make a course on it and Sell it on  your blogs.

For example if you have good know age of “How to create website and  Drive Good traffic” then create a videos form scratch on this topic make it a complete course and place it on your site for selling. Through this method you can make good money.

6) One to One or Grouped Consultant  

You can monetize your blog through Consultant by providing the one to one or group by Skype or Google hangout session on your interest based niche. People will be ready to pay you for your time and your consultancy.

7) Selling Services

If you are professional in your field then you can earn through this methods. Create a Hire me page on your website and Give all the related information about your services.


People will contact through website and you will get money when you will complete the work. For example if you are a web developer you can offer website development services, if your are graphic designer you can offer services of logo designing, Banner designing etc.

8) Donation

This is last method I am going to cover through this method placing a PayPal donation button on your blog can earn bucks. As you will find this method on some of the Good website of USA, British country blogger.

People will donate you for your Good work you are doing to provide Useful information on Guides on the topic they love.


I hope you will like the ways we discuss to monetize website or blog that makes money. There are many numbers of more methods as well to do it but these are the top and most useful method which will generate Good money.

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