15 Most Popular Ways To Make Money On WordPress

Everyone wants to earn through worldwide connectivity, the internet. Well, there is a long list of internet money making ways you can opt as of your interest and convenience. One of the practical methods we will put the spotlight in a few seconds by which you can earn a living by staying at home. That is whole about How to make money on WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS). It is combined with MySQL and Maria DB database to offer CMS services. WordPress is used to create and maintain traditional mailing lists and forums, blogs, media galleries, learning management systems (LMS), membership sites, and online stores.

More than 60 million websites use WordPress globally. To function, WordPress required to be installed on a web server that may be part of an Internet hosting service like WordPress.com Or to serve as a network host in its own right, a computer running the software package WordPress.org.

WordPress has many features including tagging of posts, categorization of posts, automatic standardized formatting and styling of text in posts, and many more. Newer versions of WordPress support multisite that allows multiple users to work on a single blog or website. 5.4 Adderley is the latest stable version of WordPress.

Now move on to some handy methods through which you can make money. How much money and which method is great that purely depends on your interest and easiness. Move on to the top 15 on WordPress methods of WordPress.

15 Methods to Make Money by Using WordPress

1.Create and Monetize your Blog

To make money with blogging, advertising is often thought of as the most useful way to do so. Monetizing your blog is perhaps the most useful answer to how to make money on the WordPress blog.

how to make money blogging on wordpress

It must be noticed that this way of making money maybe just for those WordPress websites with the highest traffic and level of recognition.if you want to go with the method and starting a blog from scratch then you have to work on it and gain enough traffic on your website to monetize for AdSense.

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Google Adsense is an easy and reliable way to make money from your blog. All you need to sign up in Google Adsense and put a script given by Google to your website. Google will start displaying ads and will pay for each instance the customer clicks on your AdSense links.

2. WordPress Affiliate Marketing

Today’s time affiliate marketing is an outstanding business. Affiliate marketing means recommending products and services to your audience through affiliate links and earn a commission from it.

Nowadays most of the online stores like Amazon, Walmart, etc. offer an affiliate program. You can simply sign up for them and the store will give an affiliate link to particular products. You post it on your WordPress website every time customer will purchase the product through your link you will gain commission.

For this WordPress.org offers many plugins such as ThirstyAffiliates, AdSanity, Constant Contact, etc. that contain some extra helpful features. Companies give a good commission for affiliate marketers.

3. Get Paid to Write Reviews

You can use your blog in another profitable way. Writing reviews is similar to the sponsored post. You can write paid reviews on your site to review products that are relevant to your niche and your audience will take an interest. You can approach brands on your own or through websites like PayPerPost to ask about doing paid reviews for their products.

4. Teaching Courses on WordPress

No matter if you are not enough technical or a great writer. Still, you can use WordPress as a monetization platform. You can create a WordPress website. You can be an online teacher and function your website as a coaching medium.

Teaching Courses on WordPress

You can create an LMS on WordPress in which WordPress is excellent and set some registration fees for trainees. You can give education on whatever you know and you are good at or provide some helps in your subjects.

5. E-commerce & Dropshipping

There is another profitable use of WordPress. You can start providing goods by direct delivery from the manufacturer to the retailer or customer or simply dropshipping with your WordPress website. In drop shipping, you will not need to store goods yourself.

e-commerce and Drop shipping

You can set up your online store in minutes on WordPress with the help of the Woo Commerce plugin. Dropshipping service will take your orders and ship them out to your customers all automatically. Customers will even don’t know that there is any third party.

6. SEO and Digital Marketing

As much as the internet has evolved and splendid into daily affairs especially business, types of jobs have also changed. This evolution has to create some tremendous carriers. SEO and Digital marketing have now emerged as one of the most profitable and reliable jobs. There is no need to discuss how many portions of global businesses are running on the internet through the website.

SEO and Digital Marketing

Thousands of websites of different types are being created daily. And off course there is the most important factor in any website, the marketing. Website eager to get more and more traffic and target reach their website to the targeted audience to grow their network. And no doubt it is the utmost need of a website.

SEO is the process of optimizing a website and content to get un-paid, traffic from the search engine results page. SEO is important to gain the targeted audience to the website.

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You are good at SEO so you probably have an evergreen skill. You can serve as an SEO expert for websites and have a handsome livelihood. WordPress website can be a good platform to represent your portfolio and to provide a place for contacting you.

You can build your digital marketing brand using your WordPress website. After having a good following base, you can offer your services for businesses. Maintaining your community of the website is necessary and by doing that you can be a digital marketing magnet.

7. Sell a Membership Website Maintenance

If you are an experienced WordPress developer and good at WordPress, you own a remarkable skill. Nowadays millions of websites are developed on WordPress. Business websites often need a reliable developer to maintain and update their website.

You can offer WordPress services like WordPress high-level support, themes, plugins updates, compatibility check, Web servers, performance, and code optimization to websites on a long term basis. Membership website maintenance is a reliable and nice way of earning.

8. Freelance Writing

One of the best ways to earn money online is to offer freelance services. There are many services you can offer as a freelancer. If you are good at writing, offer content writing services. Know what niches and topics interest you and you can write, start writing on.

Freelance Writing

A good advantage of content writing is that you will be free in time and work on yours. There are several freelancing marketplaces where that takes a certain percentage of your income. You can bypass this by using your WordPress website as a platform for your writing services.

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9.WordPress Theme Development

If your web design and development and can create lucrative designs, theme development is good for you. Theme development requires both design and technical skills.

WordPress Theme Development

You have to learn how to create a good-looking design and to code it for WordPress. WordPress theme framework such as Genesis can be helpful for you in the journey.

10. Blog Setup Service

If you don’t have your WordPress website and you are good at WordPress, You will earn. Let’s discuss how to make money blogging on WordPress. A blog setup service is profitable you can offer. Setup service includes theme development, assistance purchasing in the domain name, and creating a web hosting account, installation of blogging software, and other requirements of a blog.

Blog Setup Service

You can develop and install the theme as of the client’s desire and suggest to them the best domain name. You can offer different packages in the service.

11. Theme Customization Services

Websites need a unique-looking and lucrative website to create a distinctive identity. Theme customization fulfills the need and provides a brilliant look to the websites. Just simple default themes are not enough, a complete Theme development enhances the visual part of the website. You can become an expert in just theme customization and start working remotely for businesses.

12. WordPress Plugin Development

These are Plugins that make WordPress so flexible, useful, and powerful. Plugins work like apps, allowing a WordPress website to extend and modify any particular feature. A plugin may be a very simple code modification to complex software applications.

plugin Development


If you have a basic grip on how WordPress works and basic know-how of PHP, you can develop your plugin. WordPress.org allows submitting a free plugin in the WordPress.org plugin directory, as long as they follow the WordPress plugin guidelines.

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When you build a reputation for yourself as a WordPress plugin developer, you can start selling premium plugins. You can sell them on Websites such as MOJO Marketplace or your WordPress website. In your plugin selling blog, you can survey to understand what your audience needs in a plugin.

13. WordPress Design Services

WordPress design service covers many features and parts of website development. You may not expert in one type of development such as theme development, blog setup, or plugin development or you can be an all-rounder in WordPress. That means you have sip something of many features of WordPress and can develop a website by using your skills.

You can offer a design service by employing your knowledge and practice. Believe me, WordPress website design is nowadays top on-demand expertise. People hire designers and developers to create their websites. You can get monetize your skill of WordPress.

14. Security Consulting & Solutions

No matter that only a technical or IT expert can get the advantage of WordPress. If you are good at dealing with technical or any other security issues, you can become a remote consultant. There is a freelance service that analysis the faults and problems in any physical or technical line and finds a better solution for it.

Security consulting is a highly paid service if it is related to criminology then a consultant is a remote lawyer. This service is available in many of the freelance marketplaces where one can hire a security expert online. If you know security and can resolve issues than you can make money by staying at home.


As a physical security consultant, you evaluate potential risks and make recommendations to improve your client’s safety. Or being an IT security consultant, you can offer this service and assess software, computer systems, and networks for vulnerabilities, then design and implement the best security solutions for the clients. WordPress website is a reliable and effective platform to show your portfolio. In other words, it can be your online office.

15. Sell Ebooks on WordPress site

EBooks writing are a good option for creating digital products. If you’ve been blogging for a long time, then you can sum up some of your old blog posts and make them into chapters of a book. And not just blog, you can write a novel, a tutorial, a secret recipe, interesting stories, how-to guide, a new theory of your favorite movie franchise, it can be anything that people desire and you are interested to write to.

Sell Ebooks on WordPress site

There is a great demand for eBooks and people are eager to get information. If you can provide information or entertainment as a digital collection, then they will purchase it. Moreover, you don’t need to spend on commission for publishers, printing, or shipping.


WordPress is one of the world’s popular open-source contact management systems. We have mentioned some of the methods and discussed step by step on how to make money on WordPress.

The above-discussed ways are the most practical ideas that answer the question “how to make money on WordPress”. The harder you will work the more you will earn.

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