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Fiverr is one of the most popular and trusted freelance market place. Thousands of jobs are assigned every day of a long list of skills and services. Fiverr is sometimes considered a dream platform to start your online service selling.

You may be a beginner in Fiverr and want to offer your skills or you are striving to get your orders. So, I will discuss some recommended ways that will work to answer your question “How to get orders on Fiverr”.

However, some people also say that only top-rated, level 1 and level 2 seller get orders. But this is not the case, even every seller starts from 0. And also there are the stories behind every popular seller, they used some techniques to grow and fly there.

How To Get Orders On Fiverr

Let’s glance over 6 best useful tips that experts give.

Tip#1 Profile Setup

A good profile is the first thing noticed when the buyers search for services. Yes, all of your gigs appears in front of the client, but your profile values as well. The following are the tips you can use to make profile components great to develop an attractive and professional profile.

Profile setup components include a profile image, adding a good description, Adding Depth in the descriptions, and providing good gig images.

You can visit other successful sellers of your service and take an idea for profile setup from their profile. Or else just copy their description and add in yours with some necessary changes.

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Look on the following tips that make a profile looking professional and trusted.

. Display Your Skills

Whatever you are on Fiverr, showcase your skills in your profile’s description. If you are a designer you should have a beautiful and visually appealing profile picture. If you’re a writer then make your description engaging and well written.

. Show Your True and clear Face

Clients want to see the freelancer whom they are communicating and will assign some valuable work. Use your own picture, picture with formal attire is recommended. It makes a sense of the buyer that you are someone professional and skillful.

 . Use Your Description Space Wisely

Adding some lively words in your description is good. However, be much specific to writing your description. Use the given limit wisely and tell about who you are, why you do what you do, and the principles that guide your work.

Tip#2 Keyword Research (Low Competitive)

Now the second thing you should consider is the Keyword. Considering the keyword is very important because freelance market places nowadays become tough to compete, as there is enough competition.

You have to target specific and low competition keywords in order to get orders on Fiverr. If you will not work on the keyword you will not be able to single order. Do proper keyword research and target long keywords on Fiverr as on them the competition is very low and you guys can get order quickly.


low competitions keywords for Fiverr


While making a gig, the first thing that you have to do is Keyword Research. Use a longer keyword in your gig title.

Tip#3 Gig Creation (SEO Friendly Gig)

The third tip in the list is gig creation. After working on the two techniques, creating an SEO friendly gig is very important. Like in a store or shop you purchase by looking at their decoration and dealing manner, how the shopkeeper presents their stuff.

Obviously, if the stuff will be best in both price and quality, you will purchase it. Moreover, you will come to him again for your purchase.

The gig is really similar to the scenario. Buyers order their work whom they find highly skillful and professional. Yes, it is that many employers prioritize sellers with great reviews. But, not always it is. Beginners and new sellers also progress very fast in the platform, sometimes surpass the experienced one. Satisfied quality work is a step for growth in Fiverr and to get orders it all depends on your gig.

  • Create an SEO friendly gig, you can take inspiration from any of the top-rated seller’s accounts. Don’t repeat any keyword multiple times.
  • Look at some tips for gig creation.
  • Choose the Right Image and Copy for Your Gig
  • Add in bold eye-catching images in the gig that helps sell your service. Think of how you can make yourself unique among the other thousands of competitors out there. Maybe showcase some of your past works for buyers to be more convinced.

Most of the experienced sellers don’t offer a 24-hour service, or they charge extra for this. Being a beginner, you can get the advantage to convince the clients by offering a 24-hour delivery service. They will be inspired by finding you affordable and quick to service.

This will help you to build an understanding with a potential client that often opens door to future orders. And no doubt, your service quality makes you there.

.Create Multiple Gigs

If you have one active gig, then it is difficult to get orders. Make 4-5 gigs of the same service with some different titles, descriptions, and details. This will increase the chance of orders.

Create Multiple Fiverr Gig


Check at least 5-6 best seller’s title and use popular keywords. You can write as “I will design a logo in 4 hours” if you can deliver at that time.

.GIG Image

  • Use attractive and high-quality gig image.
  • Visit gigs of other sellers and use the image of different colors.
  • Use your professional picture and bold and big font in the image.


The description really helps to rank gig. (Personal experience)

  • Write your title in the first line,
  • For example “Welcome to the article and blog writing GIG”
  • Don’t write I have lots of experience or something. Write about what you provide unique for the client.

Explain your packages, like:

  • Basic package 1000 words article
  • Standard package- 2000 words article
  • Premium package- 2000+ words article.

Add reason to choose you like

Top 3 reasons to hire me:

  • Unique, High-Quality Content
  • Unlimited Revisions
  • 100% satisfaction

Add keywords:

  • Try to write your title keywords in the description while explaining the Gig description. Then your gig appears first.
  • Write some most asked questions in the FAQ at own or check other seller’s FAQ. Use SEO in FAQ as well.


Check at least 5-6 best seller’s tags and use both small and big popular tags.


Videos help a lot in gigs. Make a short video of yourself that will work as a visual part of the gig. Be confident in the video, practice the script, Use good mic. Edit your voice with software and also add light or use natural light in the video.

Tip#4 Marketing (Share Your Gig)

After you have created a good gig, now comes the most important part. You need to share your gig on different platforms in order to engage the audience. Doing so will result in impressions, clicks, views, and ultimately orders.

Share gigs On Social Media


Tip#5 Paid Orders (Not Recommended)

Now move towards the last tip. Here I must repeat that I don’t recommend you to use this technique but in case you have some investment and want to have a quick response then this method is surely good for you.

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You can have a paid order. Paid orders are the orders that people offer you. You can find them on Facebook or elsewhere. They usually sell $5 order, $10 order, and so on. From which you can easily get a review on Fiverr and save time. Once you receive paid reviews, clients will see you experienced and place an order for you.

Nothing should look fake. You have to place the order in a correct and precise manner. He should be coming from a link or he should be coming to your gig through search.

If he is coming from search then you can easily tell him the keyword and tell that your gig is on 3rd or whatever page it is on. Doing so will result in an authentic order and the Fiverr customer support won’t be able to detect whether the order is real or fake.


5th method is risky. If you are new and don’t know the proper way to get paid orders, then you will be stuck.

However, the other 4 techniques are authentic and really useful. Along with your efforts and focused work and using the techniques, you will be able to get orders on Fiverr very quickly. I hope you guys would have liked the article “How to get orders on Fiverr”.



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