How To Fix Headphone Jack

If your headphones jack is not working and you want to fix this issue, then you are at the right corner. Because In this article, we will give you information about how to fix the headphones jack problem by using simple methods. Some people may swiftly prefer alternatives like using headphones or connecting to a Bluetooth device; there are some solutions you can resolve the headphones jack issue.

Top 7 Method to Fix the Headphones Jack

Being a port that constructs to manage numerous entries for thousands of uses, you do not believe the headphone jack on your device to fail effortlessly. So, there may be a situation under which you cannot see to understand audio coming from the headphones connected to the jack or there is some static troublesome your sound skill.

The various source that can damage the headphones jack, here I will discuss seven different solutions for fixing the headphones jack issue.

Method 1: Make Sure your Headphones not Broken

The first stage when you get your headphone jack to create problems is a clear one. It is very probable that there is nothing happen with your headphone jack and that the headphones make issues. You can see this out swiftly just by plugging them into another tool.

It does not make vital you must have had to be a phone, You can choose any device like a laptop, TV, or any other machine that offers a 3.5mm jack onboard will do.

Fix Headphone Jack

If you cannot hear any audio when exploiting your headphones with another device, you have noticed the cause of the issue. Now you need to change your headphones, and you are perfect for doing. But if your Headphone is working good with another device, something else is a fault if this method does not try the next one way.

We also recommend plugging a different pair of headphones into your smartphone before going ahead. While it is usual, there is still a chance that your original team is not corresponding with your smartphone, yet if they operate with other gadgets.

Method 2: Check the Device Settings

If your headphones are not working on your device, plug them into other devices. If it works well on the other devices, then currently you need to see the device settings and check if the whole thing is in sequence. Since there are not several settings to look at, this method should be straightforward and straightforward. It would be best if you pressed either the volume key or expand the panel to see the media sound.

If this way does not work, go to the next solution.

Method 3: Restart the Device

It is another method for fixing the headphone jack. When you must have already tried something, then it is another no brainer. So, we want to ensure we have all the essentials down. Thus, if the first two ways do not solve your issue, use this method, and restart your device.

  • For restarting, press and hold the power button till the power menu pops up.
  • After that, click on “Restart” to complete the act.

For strange reasons, numerous “grave” problems tend to resolve themselves after a restart. Hence, check if you grab a lucky break with a simple restart.

Method 4: Clean the Headphone Jack

The second of fixing the headphone jack is that clean the headphone jack. As you can see, plenty of dirt, as well as fur, can produce its technique into the headphone jack over time. It may source of the issue, as the dust can block the link between the headphones and the jack.

headphone jack issue fix

By using a tin of compressed air, you can swiftly give the headphone jack a blow and remove any element that is blocking the track.

  • First, you need to tilt your Android tool sideways to make the cleaning methods cooler.
  • Now hardly add the straw of the tin of compressed air in the jack itself.
  • Blow out the dirt and fur that may be fixed in the port and repeat this method a few periods.

Cleaning alcohol with a cotton cloth can also be useful in cleaning out the obstruction from the headphone jack that would not nearly come out by using compressed air.

  • First, turn off your device before you continue to make sure that the electric circuit did not harm during the cleaning process.
  • Now take a cotton cloth and woolen toothpick with a few drops of alcohol.
  • Rub out the inside of the slot with the cotton cloth and now let it try out a few times.

When you have done this, now recheck the headphone jack to look just how much dirt and fur you were able to get out. If things look improved, plug in your headphones to see if the whole thing works as it should now.

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These two techniques should help you to remove any of the dust and lint that has retrieved into the headphone port, Thus, if you cannot look at any physical object blocking the headphone jack, go, to the next method of fixing the headphones jack.

Method 5: Disabling Secondary Audio Connections

If the above method does not work, then try this way. I hope this solution will fix your issue nowadays that the audio world is moving to turn Bluetooth into the wireless substitute for music, the Headphone or is losing its importance.

Though on the gadgets that are driven by wireless connection i-e Bluetooth and the 3.5m jack as well, there can be interference between the two that can stop the working of the headphone jack.

Method to Fix the Headphones Jack

Now you can start by ensuring that the Bluetooth unit did turn off on your smartphone device. It is to ensure that the smartphone is not manually connecting to a paired Bluetooth device which could be troublesome the headphone port connection.

  • First, from the home screen of your device, head over to the “Settings”
  • Dependent on your device, you can be to check the Bluetooth tab right-left, or under the “Connection”.
  • Now you can either select to “turn off Bluetooth” briefly or only “Unpair” Bluetooth audio devices that are already associated with your smartphone.
  • At last, connect the headphone jack and play some audio to check if the problem has fixed.

If this way does not fix your problem, then move to the next solution.

Method 6: Using the Sound About App

The problem with the headphones port can sometimes be a software-related issue and not with the hardware related issue. Whether it is an app that is incapable of finding the headphones associated with the device or some Bluetooth interfering, there is an app called found about that can support you to fix these issues without any disturbance.

  • First, download and then install the “Sound About” app on your device.
  • Then use the first tab to establish the Sound About Services status to “ON”.
  • Next, click on the “Media audio” tab and then choose the “Wired Headphones or Wired Headset (with Mac)” and then save it.
  • At last, you can set a similar preference for the “Phone call audio” tab, and you can also save it.

When you exit the sound about the app, it will proceed to perform to run the background and redirect the audio to the headphone jack automatically. It may clear out any app associated audio interfering that may be the reason for the issue of the headphone jack.

Method 7: Time to Call the Repair man

If all the solutions listed above do not work, it means that the issue is not relatively as minor as you consider. If your phone or other device is still under warranty, the perfect thing to do is call the retailer or manufacture for fixing this issue.

Explain the problem to the company and send the device to the company for repair or replacement. This solution may take a few times in many cases, but it is free because your device is under warranty.

But the warranty has run out you need to have phone insurance, make a argue with your supplier. The third technique is the most terrible one. You may have to acquire the device fixed by the manufacturer or somebody else who understands what he or she is doing.

Now you need to open your wallet and give money to get it resolved, but at least you can use the headphone jack again. Then, you could select a pair of wireless Bluetooth headphones, which will also fix your issue.


There are some of the ways for fixing the headphones jack issue that we hope will assist you in taking care of a defective headphone jack on your phone. These solutions have been tried and tested to resolve numerous common problems that come with the headphone jack, not running.

If these solutions do not work, you have only the last one is to replace the headphones jack. If your phone is still under warranty, you can fix the issue without any cost, but if your phone is not under contract, you need to use the money for replacing the headphone jack. I hope this article will help you to fix the headphones jack issues. And by using this article, you can solve your problem without any problems. Good luck!

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