How To Easily Import External Images In WordPress

WordPress provides easy ways to import content and media form others platform but sometime you will face the problem when you are going to import images. So we will learn in this WordPress tutorial how to easily import external images in WordPress.

Do you want to import images from external sources into your post or images galleries in WordPress? WordPress media library does not support to import external images into WordPress base website folder. For this we will need a plugin which is called import external images plugin.

Step By Step Guide to Import External Images Into WordPress

To Install the plugin go to your WordPress dashboard >> plugin >> Add New and enter the name of the plugin in the search bar. This free plugin works really great and automates the process.

Click on Install button once installation is complete Click on “Activate Plugin”. Now go to the setting page of the plugin “Media -> Import Images.” Here you will find all the post with the external images.

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If you want to import all the external images in WordPress website, select the radio button with the label “All Images”. Now click on the button “Import Images Now” to start the import process of images.


Wordpress images
Now the process will start, and it will take sometime depend on the number of external images to download. Along with the images, it will also edit the relevant link of the images into your posts which will point to the image located on your WordPress site.

Depending on the images sizes and number of images it will take time to download the entire external images so sit back until the process is complete. Once the process complete you will see a notification of process the is complete.

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Only 50 posts with images and 20 images per post can be imported at a time with this plugin. If you more then 50 images you have to wait until it processes the first 50 and then click on the refresh button to process the next 50 and so on.

So this plugin is really helpful how to easily import all the external images to wordpress media library which are the link to WordPress posts. If you find this tutorial helpful follow us on Twitter and Facebook social media pages to get more updates.

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