How to Download Wistia Videos [Solved]

Many websites use embedded videos on Wistia that you may want to store offline for educational reasons or any other personal use.

It could be videos shared by your family members or friends, but downloading videos from this platform and viewing it offline can sometimes be a headache.

That’s why today, we will talk about methods to download Wistia videos hosted on Wistia for storing it locally or for any purpose. You may want to But first, let’s talk about why Wistia is used for?

Why Do We Use Wistia?

Wistia is a video hosting software with very easy to understand video optimization features.

Unlike YouTube, in Wistia, you can analyze traffic in your videos for every second! This is highly effective for the people that are mostly concerned about SEO.

Similarly, for all those connected to various businesses, there is good news for you. Wistia is HubSpot certified, allowing us to understand how the Videos work and help us find who is interacting with the videos.

This is truly a great way of generating Leads and finding marketing and sales strategies. Not only that. It’s a compelling video marketing platform with great analytics and allows you to track your videos’ use.

In addition to that, it has excellent embedding features that allow you to create pop-up videos and in-line embeds that will adjust to any mobile formats.

All in all Wistia videos are a great source for website content, training guides, and campaigns.

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Method 1: Instant Way to Download Wistia Videos

This method is one of the easiest and the quickest one to download any Wistia videos. And the best part is you don’t need to be tech-savvy to perform it. Just some basic knowledge of chrome will do the trick.

  1. First of all, move to the web page from where you want to download the Wistia video.
  1. Then move to the web address present at the top of the site and type this “view-source:” along with the link and type enter.
download wistia videos
  1. This will lead you to the source code. Now you need to find your video. You can do this by hitting Command/Control + F on your keyboard, respective to your device (Mac or Windows).
  1. On the search bar, type “wistia,” which will highlight you the video’s link near “src=.”
Search bar
  1. Click on the given link. This will get you to a new page of the same video.
Click on given link
  1. Repeat the procedure by again typing “view-source:” near the address and then finding then opening up the search menu by pressing “Ctrl+F.”
  1. But this time, instead of searching for “wistia,” type “mp4“.
wistia videos
  1. Your file will be available with the “.mp4” at the end. Try to select the link to download it.
  1. If this somehow does not work, copy and paste the link in the new tab on Google Chrome. Then, head over to the three dots at the right corner of the video and hit download.
Download Wistia video on high quality

Method 2: For Downloading Videos in High Quality From Wistia

Most of the time, the video you download from the above method is not in the highest quality. That’s why this given method can be useful in downloading videos even in 1080p. So, let’s start!

  • Once you’re on the video, simply right click on it to reveal an option called “Copy link and thumbnail” click on it. If you don’t see this for any reason, right-click on anywhere on the website and select “Inspect.” Then click “Ctrl+F.” available under the “Elements” tab. Under the search bar, type “embed” and click on the particular URL.
Wistia hubspot integration
  • Once copied, open a new tab and paste the unique URL, then click Enter. A new page will be opened with a video playing within your browser.
  • Now open the developer menu by either clicking “F12” on your keyboard or from the chrome settings located top right corner of your screen.
  • Next, go into the “Source” section, and under “,” you will find an Embed file. Click on it. embed
  • An HTML document will open up. Now, you need to press “Ctrl+F.” After that, in the search bar, type “mp4”.
html document
  • You will find a particular section of files(links) starting from 720p to up to 1080p format. Choose any of them according to your convenience and scroll within the area, and copy the URL.
  • Without hitting the enter key, replace the “.bin” at the end of the link with “.mp4”. After that, click on the search.
search bar
  • Now, you can easily download Wistia videos.

Method 3: By Using Wistia Video Downloader

Another way of downloading any top-notch videos from this platform is by using any Wistia video downloader. Tons of these software types are available on the internet; however, one of the most prominent is the GetFlv tool.

Not only it’s a great resource for downloading any flash videos, but with its help, you can convert videos in a shorter format within no time!

So, how to use it?

Well, copy the link address of the desired video from the official website, paste it within GetFlv’s search bar, select your format, and you are done!

wista video downloader


And that’s how you can download Wistia videos that are hosted on most platforms. However, this may not work with all the videos due to copyrights or other protected policies, but you should be able to use most of them.

So, be aware of copyright policies and try not to download any protected videos without considering any content owners.

Let me know in the comments which one of these methods worked for you?

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