How To Delete Facebook Account Permanently Without Waiting For 14 Days

Do you want to delete facebook account permanently without waiting for 14 days? You have search on Facebook and Google how to completely delete account details Facebook profile, videos, status, messages and friends. But you did not find a genuine way to delete the account permanently.

I will explain the best way to deactivate or delete facebook account. Before doing this you have to backup your Facebook account data.

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If you want to deactivate Facebook account for some time.Maybe you want some break and change the routine of your daily work, or you have no time for Facebook so you can deactivate the account for some day.Here is the step by step process to deactivate the account.

How to Deactivate Facebook Account

1)    Click on drop down arrow at the right hand side, then go to Setting >> Your Facebook Information >> Deactivation and Deletion.

fb setting

deactivation and deletion


2)    Now select deactivate account. Then click on continues to account deactivation. Facebook will ask for your facebook password. Enter your password and click continue.

deactivate account


3)    Now your Facebook account will no longer be search on Facebook but your account and data will be there and can restore easily at any time.

Before Permanently Deleting Account Backup All Your Facebook Data

1) Backup your Facebook account data by navigating through the drop down arrow >> Setting >> Your Facebook Information  in the left column

2) Click on Download your information copy of your Facebook account

download information

3) Now remove all the facebook app  from which you login through Facebook by clicking on Setting >> App and Websites It may be you use Instagram app, any games app etc.

remove apps from facebook

Step by Step Details to Delete Facebook Account Permanently without waiting for 14 days

1) First step is to login facebook account which you want to delete.

2) Now facebook introduce the delete account option under Setting >> Your Facebook Information >> Deactivation and Deletion.

deactivation and deletion


You can also delete the account by clicking on the link below directly.

3)    A new window with all the details will appear that if you delete the account, then you will never restore it again. Select permanently delete account.

account fb


4)   Now Click on Continue to account deletion.

5)  Before going to delete account you can backup of your all facebook information. if you are admins of facebook pages and delete your account these pages will not be live on facebook. you can add another admin for these pages.

delete permanetly facebook account


Click on delete account now Facebook will ask for your account password. Enter the Facebook password and click continue to permanently delete your account.

enter password


6)    A pop up with permanently delete account will appear with the details if you were login again to the account within next 14 days your account will be reactivated.

Click OK to confirm

7)    So if you want to permanently delete the account don’t login it again.

8)    You will receive an email with login link from Facebook. If any time you want to cancel the deletion process of account you can cancel it form the link.

You can also use the above method of deleting facebook account form the mobile phone. Login to Facebook account form any browser in mobile and enter the below link in the address bar and follow the above steps.

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How to Delete Facebook Account Without Password

To deactivate or delete facebook account you will need the password. If you don’t remember the password facebook offer different serval ways to recover the password.

Click on Forget Password option while login. The easy and simplest way to recover the password using email option. If you don’t remember email try the other recovery method like choosing the correct picture of your friends.

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