Blogger: How to delete a blog on blogger Permanently

Blogger is one of the most popular platforms to Create free 100 blogs in one Account without worrying about the hosting and its costs.

Blogger is a Mighty Google platform for creating blogs. Chances are sometime when you have created a blog and then you realize that you are not using, Not giving time, mistakenly created or not managing it and want to delete a blog on blogger  permanently.

Once you Decide and want to delete a blog, You have to follow the step to delete it or remove it:

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Delete Blogger Blog Permanently

1)  First of All log in to your Google Account  or Gmail account in which you have Created the specific blog.

2)  Now Go to and select the blog you want to delete it permanently.

3)  Click on setting button and a drop down list of menu will be appearing. Click on other from the list.

delete a blogger blog

4)  Now a new page will be open. Click on Delete Blog links.

delete a blog

5)   A pop up Message will be show which state that Download a copy of the blog before you want to delete it. it is useful and good to download it and save it as a copy on your system.

6)  Click on Download button and downloading will be on delete button

7)  After this click on delete this blog button.

8)   Now your blog is deleted successfully.

But there is a way to restore it back within 90 days. if a deleted blog on blogger is not restore in 90 days it will be delete after it permanently.

If you want permanently deletion of blog right Now after you have delete it. then Go to delete blog where you will find all your blog which are deleted. Click on the blog you want to permanently delete there will be a button

“Permanently Delete” beside to blog name. Hit the button to delete it.

permanently delete blogdelete

Steps to Remove Blog Url from Google Permanently

Your Blog url will be still appear in Goggle after deleting the blog. if you don’t want the url to appear in Google search result immediately  you have to login to Google Search Console or Webmaster and go to remove/Delete Google account and data and  enter the link of blog and hit remove request button.

This will take some time to remove blog url form Google search engines.

Answer of Frequently Asked Question?

Can I delete a blog on blogger without Password?

If you have forgotten your Password then you have to recover your password through forget password option in Gmail. After that login to your account and delete it.

But if you have created blog with older email and you forget it then there will be no option to delete the blog.

Blogger Vs WordPress which one is Good?

Every New blogger who want to start blogging as a career he always want answer of this question. But I will give you a simple answer to it. if you are a newbie and just want to start your blog then I will suggest you to go for blogger which is free.

You will get free domain and hosting. Write article and published it. But if you have some Good experience the you can go with WordPress.

Final Words:

Deleting a blog is very easy task but I will suggest you to remove blog after once you are satisfied that no data will be loss by deleting it.

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