How to Create And Link Google Adsense Account With YouTube

YouTube is the number one video search engine website. if you want to earn some extra money from YouTube then you must have a YouTube channel, Attached or link with Google adsense account and uploading Interesting videos so viewer like it to watch on your channel.

I will explain step by step process to Make YouTube channel and link with Google adsense account.

How TO Make Verified YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best way to get famous and earn money on internet. To make a YouTube channel first create a Gmail account.

1) Now Go to YouTube and login with your Gmail email and Password. Once your login to YouTube you will see an avatars on right corner of YouTube.


2)  After sign in click on your Avatar or name on the top right corner. A new list of Menus will appear click on My Channel. At now you have no Channel as you just created your YouTube account.

3)  Next step is to Click on Create a Channel and give it a name to channel. For example if you are going to create a channel for Life Hack or games video so give a channel name related to your topics.

Create a Channel

4) After creating Channel now it’s time to upload a Channel art or banner and profile picture for your channel. Design a beautiful and attractive channel art in Photoshop, canva or any other designs tool.

add a channel art

5)  Write a five to six sentences about your channel and update channel description.

Add Channel Description

6) Link all your social media account with the youtube channel. It will be helpful in branding your channel.


Before apply For a new or link an old Google adsense account you must have some videos created by yourself because if you download someone videos it will not be monetize and YouTube can banned your channel or suspend Google Adsense so always make your own videos and upload it to monetize.

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Secondly you should verify  youtube channel and be a youtube partner before apply for adsense. Channel verification is an easy process and its require no approval. To verify channel go to this link and verify account or Go to status and features select country and provide mobile number which is necessary for verification.

Link A Google Adsense account to YouTube

Once you make a YouTube channel next step is to link at with Google adsense account to earn money from YouTube. You can link old adsense account or make a new adsense account and link too.

Link adsense account

1) To create a new Google adsense account go to monetization and make it enable by clicking on the enable button and then hit the blue button “enable my account “.


2) Check all the check-box on the agreement window show and hit the accept button. Now you can place ads on video by enable the options.


3) Now final step is to link an adsense account with the YouTube. View your monetization setting by following the link and click on “How I will be paid ” and click on associate an adsense account. if you don’t attached google adsense account and monetization is on for the videos on channel you will be not paid until you link adsense account.

How i will be paid

4)  Once you click on  Next button it will redirect you to Google adsense website page. Now here is two option you can link your old adsense account by clicking on the “Yes” button or create a new one by clicking “Create or use another account”. Now Hit the accept association button and it will redirect back to YouTube channel.



5)  These all are the linking method or create a Google adsense account with youtube. Within 24  hours you will receive an email saying that your account is successfully approve and associated with YouTube channel.

Make money by Monetize-YouTube-Videos-with-Adsense

Now make videos and upload to get subscribe and more views. Follow the YouTube guideline from avoiding channel or Google adsense banned. You can find all the Guide lines for YouTube here.

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How To Withdraw Money From YouTube/ Adsense

Once you earn a $10 Google will send you a code to verify Google adsense account. once you received and enter the code your account will be fully verified.

Minimum withdrawal limit amount in adsense is $100 once amount is finalized by Google you will receive money on check or Western Union.

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