How To Create Hyperlinks In Weebly Site

Weebly offers a different type of ways to add hyperlinks option to connect internal and external webpages of the website. The hyperlink is an attribute to add to text and images on the website.

We can add hyperlinks in weebly to Slideshows and Gallery. Today in this article we will discuss how to use various hyperlinks option in weebly and how to create Hyperlink in weebly website.

How to Create Hyperlinks/Anchor/Links in Weebly Site?

Once you add content to a website, then Click on any text on the page or image you want to add the hyperlink. A pop up showing different option will display hyperlink icon click on it and a new small window with a different option will be open.


How to Create HyperlinksAnchor in Weebly Site

Weebly website builder offers the following option for linking. We will discuss one by one the following options.


Create Hyperlinks in Weebly Site


Hyperlink With External Website URL

If you want to link an external webpage enter the page URL you want to link. Select the Check Box option to open the window in a new window other wise the page will be open on the same page.

Standard Page Option:

This option can be used to connect internal pages of your own website. Select the page from the drop down options to hyperlink.

Store Page use For Ecommerce:

This option is used for e-commerce or online shopping website where you can add the category or product link from your online store.

Link File on Your Website:

You can link already uploaded the file with this option or can upload a new file.

Connecting a section of webpage


Step 1:  Create a Div tags with Id

Drag and drop “Embed code” custom HTML element and add the following code to an HTML Heading. You can change the default font color of a page as per your requirement.

Step 2:  Linking using Hyperlink (Option 1)


Linking using Hyperlink


Now select the text and click on the hyperlink option as we explain above. Enter the Page URL with the id we gave in the first step to connecting to that section. For example, we will enter to link to the heading.

Once you click on the link, it will take you to the heading we set in the first step.

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Linking SlideShow and Gallery Images

If you have Slideshow or Gallery images, then you can link it easily when you upload the images. During the process of upload, each image has the option to link it. Once you click on the link icon then you will find the above set of options which we explained in the above section.

Linking Slideshow and Gallery Images


How to link External Webpage in Weebly site

If you want to link the external webpage with the main navigation menu click on the pages tab >> add Page >> now choose the external link option. Type the page name and the external page URL to which you want to connect.  Choose an option between the open link in new tab or open link in the same tab. Now when a user clicks on the menu, the Weebly automatically redirect them to your external blog.


Linking External Webpage in Navigation Menu


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