How to Create a Privacy Policy for Your Blog in Just Minutes

Like Every business, every website or blog should have a privacy policy that represents the legal aspects of the website or blog. If you are doing blogging, you might have noticed that every blog or website consist of privacy policy page.

A privacy policy page helps the reader to understand how the blog collects information of the user and how they monetize the blog. We will learn how to create a privacy policy for your blog in just minutes.

If you are using or want to use Google AdSense or Amazon affiliate, then you should know that both the program requires a privacy policy page on your website or blog. Both the advertisement program and affiliates website wants to know how you collect and store the date and use cookie.

One of the main points of the rejection of Google Adsense is website or blog do not have privacy policy page. The privacy policy is also required for the affiliate marketing website. So its important to have a privacy policy page for your website.

Making a privacy page is not an easy task when you want to hire someone to write it for us properly.You will pay extra amount to do the job. You can do this job by using online blog privacy policy generators.

Create A Privacy Policy Page for your blog in just one Minutes

The easy and simple way to create a privacy policy page in just one mistures is to go website and provide the website information. Enter the Website URL, website Name, state or location and Click on generate policy blue button.


Create A Privacy Policy Page for your blog


But if you have enough time you can follow the below step to create a custom privacy policy page.

301 redirect in wordpress


How to create a privacy policy page for your blog

The best website to create a privacy policy is If you want to create a privacy policy page, you have to answer some questions, and this will help you to generate the privacy policy according to your website need.


free privacy policy for your blog


1) First open any web browser and enter the url and click on the orange large button with the name Free privacy policy.

2) Now answer the question one by one in the next page. After giving all the answer click on next button.

3) Next provide the information about what type of data you will collect from the user of the your blog and what you will do with the information.

4) Answer the question if you are using cookies or not and why you are using cookies.

5) If you want to use Google Adsense or using Google adsense publishing account.

6) At the end enter the name and email address and you will be redirect to the congratulation page and finally download the privacy policy page.

7) Next step is to create a privacy policy page in wordpress.

How to create a privacy policy page in wordpress

Copy the text from the downloaded privacy policy file.

Go to worpdress dashboard and click on pages >> Add New >> Give title of the page as “Privacy Policy” and paste the copy text of privacy policy.

Now hit the publish button to successfully create the privacy policy page.

Hope this post will help you to create a privacy policy for your blog in just mintues. However if you have use any other privacy policy creation tool let us know in the comment section.


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