How to create a blog for free on Google

Do you want to create a free blog and make your living from it?

Do you love writing on different topics?

Do you want to increase your article/content writing skill and make money?

Are you wanted to create a free blog and learn the process of blogging step by step?
Then keep readings.

A blog is just like a personal dairy where you can write about anything. If you are using INTERNET daily you must have read article on different website these are blogs where people write on different topics.

If you are beginner in the blogging field you must start from Google blogger platform which is totally free. On blogger you can start from scratch and enhance your capabilities to make money online from blogging.

There are many people who write on their own interest topics like Recipes, Fashion, technology etc. So before starting your blog you have to choose the topic on which you want to write or you have interest about the topics.

In this article I am going to show you the step by step methods to create a free blog on Google and how you can earn through blogging and improving your article writing skills.

Complete Guide to Create a Free blog on Google Blogger

1) First create a Gmail account, Visit platform and click on Create a Blog button.

2) Once you log in to blogger you will be redirected to blogger dashboard. Now click on create a New blog button.

Create a new blog button Blogger Dashbaord View

3) A pop up will open where you have to enter your blog name. Blog name may be your personal name or topic on which you want to write content.

Enter A blog Name and URL blogger

4) After blog name enter your blog URL address. Your blog address must be unique.

5) By default a simple theme is selected so don’t change it. I will explain later how you upload a good looking blogger template.

6) Now click on Create blog. You will see the following dashboard.

7) Now if you click on the view blog button from dashboard you will see your blog is ready but the design is very simple. We will change it later.

Blog viewsSetup Your New Google Blogger Blog

After creating the blog next step is to setup the setting of new Google blog.

1) Go to setting in the dashboard of your blog. Click On Basic link form the drop down.
Here you can change the Title, Description, privacy. Click the edit link next to it and change it accordingly as per your requirement.

Index your blog in search engines


2) Next Click on Posts, comments and sharing from setting option. Here you can enter how much post you want on main page, Add light box to images and can change the setting of comments section.

Post setting blogger

3) Click on Search preferences to setup the Google search console, custom robots.txt and custom robots with header. To setup it properly follow the article I have written on SEO of Google blogger blog.

4) From other link you can remove or delete the blogger blog permanently or can setup the blog feeds.

Delete a blogger blog

How to upload custom template (themes) to blogger

So far we have a simple blog template. Blog design is very important for the user and Google point of views. If you have a nice, good looking and SEO friendly design user and Google will love it.

There are many website on the internet which provides free and paid blogger templates. So we will find free blogger templates which are SEO friendly with nice design.

Here are top five list of website provide best free blogger templates.







After downloading the theme go to theme option form Blogger dashboard.

1) Click on Backup/Restore option. This option is helpful for incase we lost our date and setting. So we can recover it easily.

Blogger blog Backup and Restore

2) Before uploading click on download full template so you have a backup copy of your blog.

3) Now extract the new template you have downloaded from the above websites list or any other websites.

4) Click on choose file and upload the xml file from the template. After successful uploading your new design will be ready.

5) Check your blog view. Now it’s time to publish content/ article on you blog topics. Here is the other way to upload blogger template do check it.

Best way to earn from blogger blog (Google adsense monetization)

Now it’s time to monetize your blog to make your living from it. One of the best way is to monetize blog through Google adsense. Once your blog is minimum one month old and publish minimum 20 posts you can apply for adsense.

Once you got approval from adsense you can place advertising code provided by Google adsense on your website. Revenue from adsense depends on Pay per click program.

The more you get real visitors to your blog and click you revenue will be increase. But remember don’t cheat Google your account can be disable any time.

If you have any question related to creating a free blog on Google leave your questions in comment. I will be happy to answer you.

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