How To Get Google Adsense Approval Fast

Google Adsense is one of the best and top ways to earn money in the online world. Through Google AdSense, we can monetize websites or blogs.

Now a day Approving an Adsense account is not easy because AdSense is the number one and popular method to make money on the internet so Google Adsense strict their policy and guidelines time to time.

In this post, I will share the proven method to get Google Adsense approval fast and easily for your website.

If you have already applied for the Google AdSense account and got rejected so this might be the following issue or problems in your website/blog.

1)    Your website does not Follow the Google webmaster guidelines and policy.

2)     your website content is insufficient mean you have not enough content.

3)    Your site does not follow the Adsense instruction.

Here are the Google AdSense program policy and requirement read it before applying for an account.

Proven Method to approve Google Adsense account easily

1)    Buy a Top level domain For blog/website

You must have a website with top level domain mean a domain with and not a subdomain like or

If you are using the free WordPress or Blogger platform, so the first step is to buy a domain name for your site and attach your domain with the blog. Here is the list of top website to buy a domains name.

2)    Domain Age for Countries (Pakistan, India, China)

Domain age is the only factor for the countries like Pakistan, India, and China. Google have some strict policy for these courtiers, so you have to wait for minimum six months if you belong to these countries otherwise, you can apply after one month by setting up your blog.

3)    Website content and Quality

Your website content plays an important role. You must have plagiarism free content mean the content/posts on your website is not a copy from the other site. You can write plagiarism free or quality content by yourself or can hire a content writer for your blog.
Always post fresh content on your blog time to time, so there will no chances to get banned account after approval.

4)    Organic Traffic Source

Before applying for Adsense account your website or blog must receive organic traffic mean traffic from Google Search engine more then 200-300 visitors per day.

If you are receiving visitors from social media site like Facebook, Reddit, Pinterest, etc then do some for your site bring some organic traffic and then apply for Adsense account.

5)    Apply with Register domain Email

If you are going to apply then apply form that email from which you registered your domain name of the blog. So Google will think that it’s a legitimate user. This is an important step to follow.

6)    Don’t use copy right images

Most of the time webmaster write original and unique content but the post images/ thumbnail used in the website or copyrighted mean using some other blog images on your site. So Google rejects the application.

First create images by yourself for your blog by using photoshop or canvas online tool. If you don’t know how to use these tool, then you can find a free stock images website in the google some of them are pixabay,paxels,unsplash etc.

7)    Important Pages (About us, contact, privacy, Disclaimer,Sitemap)

You must have these important pages about us, contact us, privacy, declaimer, and sitemap in your blog before going to apply. Most of the time you account is not approve by the Google if you don’t have these page so google things that the information for the user is not available on the site.

8)    Google and User-Friendly Website Design

If you are using WordPress content management system, then you must buy a premium theme for the blog.  The layout and clear navigation of the blog are very important. All the webpage of the blog must be accessible from the navigation area. Google loves user-friendly and easy navigational website.

9)    Don’t use third Party Ads

If you are using some other network ads or affiliates link you must remove them before applying for Google. Once your application is accepted, then you can place those ads again. Google have no restriction on using different types of advertisement network with the AdSense.

10)    Optimize blog post For Search engine

Submit your site to Google webmaster, Google analytics, and submit sitemap also.  Write SEO optimized meta title and meta description for each page so that Google will index your blog post easily and quickly.

The Meta description is just like a summary of your blog post. Your meta description character limit is only 156 so don’t write more then theses character limit.

11)    Your Blog must not be blocked by Google

Before applying for an Adsense check that your blog is not blocked by Google search engines. For check just write “”. If the search result contains your blog links then its good to go But if your site is not shown in the result, so your site is blocked by Google.

Blog Must Not be Blocked By Google


If you follow all the above steps completely now its time to apply for Google Adsense account but make sure you have done all the steps.

Apply For Google Adsense Account

Go to the Google Adsense website and click on sign up have to give your website URL for which you are going to apply, Individual name or business name, Address.

Apply For Google Adsense


After submitting information, your application will be review by the Google team, and after 24-48 hours you will receive a temporary approval email from Google. Now its time to place ads on your website. Always add three ads section in your website page.

Now Google will monitor your website traffic that you are not using any illegal way to send traffic to site and not involved in self-traffic.

For the complete approval, its take minimum a week when you get another email form Google saying that now your account is fully approved. Once your get approval, you can place Ads code on your other websites as well.


If you get a rejection email due to any reason, then don’t worry. You can Apply again and again until you got the account.

Here is the other ways to make money from blog. if you have any question regarding Adsense approval you can leave your comment I will love to hear form you.



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