Fiverr Secret SEO Tips: How To Rank Fiverr Gig And Boost Income

Making Good and handsome amount of money From Fiverr is not an easy job. As Fiverr is growing rapidly and competition between seller is increasing day by day.

If you want to be successful on Fiverr your gig should be on the top of the Fiverr search for your gig keyword which can boost your income.

I will explain the proven Secret tips how to rank Fiverr gig and boost income through proven steps.

Fiverr is one of the leading freelancing marketplaces where one can buy and sell different types of services with relativity lower price than other platform.

Before Going to reveal the secret tips your Fiverr profile optimization is important. Optimization of Fiverr profile means to complete all the step of profile creation and give a brief description of your experience and services.

How to rank Fiverr gig

Fiverr Secret SEO Tip to Rank Fiverr Gigs

Write Attractive Title:

The title play an important and vital role in fiverr ranking. Gig title should be catchy, Attractive and to the point to describe your services. Its play an important role while buyer searching for services and if your gig title is attractive so more buyer will click on your gig title.

Add relevant keyword in your title increase ranking.If I am going to create on page SEO Gig. Then go to Fiverr and search different keyword related to on page SEO.


Fiverr Search


For exampl:
on page seo, on page optimization, WordPress on page SEO, website on page SEO.
So add the result Keyword of your search term in the title.

Fiverr Catchy Title

Add Relevant and proper Tags:

Your gig tags should be relevant to your services. Giving prospers tags to your gig increase gig ranking. Find top 3 competitors of your services and check their tags copy two tags form all of the three gigs and add in your gig tags section. You can use this method to add relevant tags to your gig.

For example: if you are going to provide services on page SEO for WordPress website then your tags will be like this:
On page SEO, WordPress on page,search engine optimization, etc.


Add relavent Tags

 Promising Gig Description:

The description of your gig should be promising. Write a detail description of your services.For example if your providing on pages SEO services then explain why a buyer should buy your gig, What will be the result of your gig.

Always provide more and extra services from your competitors so a new buyer will return again and again. Also include keywords in your description as well to rank it high in the fiverr search.
Extra tips: Provide some free stuff with each delivery and give unlimited revision so your buyer will trust you more and order you again.

Description Fiverr

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Upload Eyes Catching Images:

Upload eye-catching images or pictures for your gig. You can use Photoshop to design quality and attractive images or you can use online free tool canva to create Fiverr images or pictures.

Share Gig on Social Media :

After Creating your gig share on  social media accounts so you can get impression and some click from theirs.As impression play a very important role in gig ranking. If you receive 200-300 hundred impressions a day so your will gig will be rank easily.

Extra tips: Follow people related to your services on social media and share your gigs which will drive traffic and sometime orders as well.

Social Media share


Drive Fake Visitors to Gig:

If you can drive real visitor through social media, then do not use this method. This method is only for those who face problem while driving real visitors to gigs. You have to send the fake visitor to increase gig impression.

If you do not know how to drive fake visitors, then buy a gig on Fiverr from a seller who provides fake visitors and gives 200-300 fake visitors to your gig to increase impression as well gig ranking but use the method carefully don not give more then 250-300 views.

Buy Review:

More reviews on your gig means more ranking and sales. In the start, if you have just created your Fiverr account then buy some reviews. You can find a lot of people on Facebook who provide gig reviews.

These are the Secret tip to rank Fiverr gig easily.Follow the step by step process and if you have any question leave in the comment sections.I will be glad to help you.


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