Easiest Way to Find High Paying Keywords for Google Adsense

If you are using Google Adsense publisher account then probably you want to increase earning through more clicks. Sometimes you have good CTR, mean you are getting a good number of clicks, but the estimated earning is very low. For example, you are getting 50 clicks and estimated earning si 0.80 which is low.

So the problem is not with the site but the problem is CPC low cost per click is responsible for this. Google Adsense show ads according to the content post and CPC depends upon the keywords we used in the posts.

Sometime Google pay $4 for a single click where sometime you will not get $4 for 50 clicks.So here is the main point if the user clicks on high paying ads then you will get a good CPC. If you have high paying keywords in your websites, you will get the good amount on each click.

High paying keywords are those keywords for which advertise pay high amount. If you have collected high paying keywords then its means more income for Google Adsense user.

How to Find High Paying Keywords For Google Adsense with Easy Way

Finding high paying keyword is easy but for more earning we need to be targeted high paying keywords to generate more traffic to your blog or website.

For example, some of the highest paying keywords are the loan , insurance, car donation, etc but these keywords may be not related to your website niche. Even if its related to your nices these keywords are very tough to rank for in Google search engine.

So we have to find keywords which are related to website niche and we can easily rank it on search engines.

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The most amazing and easy tool is the semursh but unfortunately it’s a paid. Semursh can find high paying keywords of any website which is ranking for. You can also find other details like search volume, number of result, trends, CPC and etc.

Now before starting how the semursh work to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense we have to create an account on semrush. Semrsuh free version is available for 14 days trail period. Secondly, create a list of the top blogs on your niche.

How to use Semrush to Find High Paying Targeted Keywords

Login to semursh account and enter the domain name labnol.org and hit the search button. Now click on view full report from tops keywords section. These are the top keywords which drive traffic to the labnol blog. These  are long tails keywords and with high CPC.


High paying targetd keywords semurh


Now start copying the keywords and again repeat the process for other top domain in your niche. Once your have collected a large number of targeted keywords then its time to write a blog post and make the blog post on page SEO friendly.

You can check our blog post of Onpage SEO. Now, wait for some days to rank you blog post in the search engines.


How to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense with easy way


This is the easiest and simple way to find high paying keywords for Google Adsense and increase blog earning.If you find this blog post helpful share it on social media accounts like Facebook. Google+ and Twitter.



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