How To Earn Money From YouTube Without AdSense (Top 5 Methods)

AdSense is a major source of earning money from YouTube, but after strict YouTube policies, it is difficult to have a YouTube monetary license.

You may have asked yourself, how to earn money from YouTube without being a partner? Or how to monetize YouTube without AdSense? Well, there are many ways. Some, most profitable ones are listed below:

How To Earn Money From YouTube Without AdSense

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you are a social person, make connections with established brands. You can do promotional videos for those brands and recommend their products. Talk about how great their product is and how it influenced your everyday life. It is the best YouTube monetization alternatives there are.

For all the visitors going through your YouTube channel and buying a specific product, you could get paid.

2. Promoting A Business

Business can be yours or someone else’s. This is like a model shoot. You get to make a business look good. It can be via simple video, some nice illustrations or a funny video making a nice impact. If you are getting traffic, that’s what matters.

Make Thumbnail for Youtube videos

Search around your neighborhood. There are probably hundreds of newly formed student academies, small organizations who are looking for a little boost on social media. Talk to them. You can make a business deal beforehand and then work on your video.

3. Fan Funding

You can start your campaign for “crowdfunding” for your next creative project. If your fans care about you, they will invest in you.

If you don’t like AdSense or just want to monetize YouTube without AdSense, you can make a logical video about why do you need money and how can you transform those money into greater good. For example, if it’s a project of media studies, you can make a video about wanting an expensive camera and how it will help capture the perfect scenes for you.

But, you ought to have a strong past portfolio so that your audience can trust you with their money. Also, ask for little amount so that the amount does not overburden your audience.

TIP: Don’t use lame excuses while asking for money or your audience will see that you are just another whiny attention seeker.

After getting initial clients, you can also include their interviews about recommending your services.

4. Gifting People

YouTube monetization alternatives include gifting people. Ever heard the word ‘it takes money to make money’ how about you can gift something to your followers to earn money.

While this may seem contradictory, you can have a policy to give a shout out to your followers who regularly comment and share your channel. You won’t receive direct money but your social circle will grow which will help gain more potential clients.



5. Selling Your Skill

Talking about YouTube monetization alternatives, if you have any skill, you can flaunt it on YouTube. For example, if you know how make websites or if you can play guitars very well, you can work on your local market to find clients who will pay you for your services.

Rank Youtube Videos in Google

If you have command on education, you can make your teaching videos and upload sample course. To avail your complete expertise, you can either create a link towards your website, where people pay to unlock full course or they can invite you on occasions where they get to learn from you.

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