How To Delete Instagram Account Permanently On Android

The internet world is full of Social networking sites. Instagram is one of the popular social networking sites. While using Instagram for sometimes and you are fed up with it. Then you can delete the Instagram account permanently on an android device.

You can also deactivate the Instagram account for sometimes so the data e.g. photos, a video will not be lost forever. Once you activate account again, then all the data will be recovered. While if you want permanently delete Instagram account then all the data will be deleted from an account.

How To Temporarily Disable Instagram Account

First we will check that how to deactivate Instagram account:

1) There is no option available on an Instagram app to deactivate account from the Android phone. So you have to do it through a website. Open up the browser and log in to account.

2) Click on the profile button.

3) Now click the edit profile button next to the profile picture.

4) Scroll down to “Temporarily disable my account.”

5) You have to Give any reason why you want to disable your account.

6) Now enter your password again.

7) Hit the button temporarily disable account.

8) So your account is successfully deactivate.

9) If you want to reactive it again simply logs into your account, and that’s it.

How to delete Instagram account permanently on android

Deleting Instagram account permanently mean you are going to wipe out all the date photos, images, video from your account. All the data will vanish. The old login details username and email will not be used again for any new account creation.

Follow these step to delete the account permanently:

1) Open the browser on android mobile phone

2) Login with credentials to your account

3) Follow the dedicated deleted page of Instagram by clicking here.

4) Choose from the drop-down menu any reason for deleting account


how to delete instagram account on phone


5) Enter your password again to confirm

6) Click on the red button “delete my account.


instagram delete account page


7) Now your Instagram account is successfully deleted.

That all the step to temporarily or permanently delete an Instagram account. If you want to create a new account again, then you have to remember that your old one email and username will not work. If you have any question regarding deleting the Instagram account permanently on android phones, leave your comments.


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