How to create a Business page on Facebook

Do you have Facebook Page for your Business? Are you doing any type of business and your answer is No then you are missing Million or Hundreds number of online customer who have account on Facebook.

Why Facebook Page is Useful for Business?

If you have a facebook account then you will surely know about facebook page. You can promote your business to millions of user online.

One of the most biggest advantage people on facebook can search for different product or businesses and they will know about your Business.

Step By Step  Creating A Facebook Page For Your Business

1)  First simply signup to and create account. Enter the details which are required in  the sign up form like first name, second name,  date of birth, email address and password and your account will be create successfully.

2) Once Your Account has been created and Login to your personal profile give all the details to complete your profile Mean upload Profile Picture and give other details about yourself.

3) Completing profile on the facebook go to setting tab and click the link  create a page or go to

Create a Page

4) Select the type of page so we are creating a business or brand page click on get started below the business or brand. Now Add Your Busniess Page Name and Select Proper category related to your business.

Busineess or brand page

Page Name and Category

5)  Upload image or Profile picture for your Page and also upload cover photo for your business page.

Add cover photo

6) Complete the other Details as well like write a three line for about us section and write attractive Description for your page.

enter about details

7) Your Fcebook page username also called vanity URL, with page username you can tell people where to find on Facebook.

Click Create page @username on the left side of page under the profile photo and enter username for your page. Username can be 50 character long and try to create an easy to remember and easy to type.

create username for fb page

enter username for page

8) And you are good to go. Congrats your page is created successfully next step is to post regularly about your business regularly.

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Difference Between Facebook Account VS Facebook Page

 Facebook account has maximum number of 5 thousand friends you can add to your circle or friend list. Weather facebook page have infinite like option people can like you page to know about your product or business

Account is basically used for personal purpose where a page you can use it for your business or anything which you want to promote online on facebook.

Advertise Your Business on Facebook

Facebook have a paid advertiser option in which you can promote your business page single post or overall page online to your target user or customer.

You have to set the daily budget for your advertisement, set the country where you are going to advertise, set the age of customer who needs your products and you are good to go.

How to Use Facebook Business Page

Once you created facebook page and you want to post product on facebook related to your business or something you want to promote online for your targeted customer.

Select the facebook page you created and update your post or status..


I hope you will learn something new today I will write more in future about how to advertise your page to targeted audience.

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