Top 5 Best CPM Advertising Networks For Bloggers

CPM ads are an easy and quick way to get money on your website without any effort! Perfect for any blogger with a high traffic on his blog. Here is a compiled list of best CPM ads networks to start earning with.

What Is Meant By CPM Advertisements

CPM abbreviated for Count Per Impression or Count Per Thousand Impressions, is a term used in advertising media and online advertising These are advertisements you add on your website due to the high traffic on your website to earn more money. It pays you based on the number of impressions/ views received on an advertisement you are showing on your site.

An “impression” is a word used in advertising media for an instance of an advertisement appearing on your website. It paid you even if it is clicked and viewed or not. The formula used for this payment method through impressions is:

[Cost÷Total Impressions]×1000

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How To Get Better CPM Ads With Good Earning

To get a chance to add better CPM advertisements from higher brands that pay you more, you need to have more audience and views per second on your blog. It all depends on how many people are visiting your blog per minute that determines how many views and impressions a CPM ad will get on your site or blog.

Writing good quality material and spreading your site through social networking can get you higher views and rankings that increase your chances of more earning with CPM ads. You can read articles on how you can improve the ratings and views on your site. The more audience is coming to your blog, the more you earn with CPM ads.

CPM ads are an easy and quick way to earn, but the condition applies. If you have thousands of views per second. If you have a high ranking and views on your blog, well there you are, all ready to go with CPM ads on your blog.

Below is a list of five CPM advertising networks that you can add to your blog.

List of Top Five Best CPM Advertising Networks:



AdsOptimal is a very popular advertising network for all types of blogs. They offer different kinds of advertisements such as; CPM advertisements, CPC (Cost Per Click) advertisements and conversion based ads.It started in 2012 and spread very quickly.

Many people may be unaware of this advertising network, but it is one of the best ones available and very popular among webmasters. You will be pleased to know that it is partners with few of the best sites, AdSenGoogle, DoubleClick, and Criteo.

Also, note that

  1. It takes about two days to get approved.
  2. Your payment can be done through both Paypal and cheque.
  3. The minimum they pay you is $50 but there is a $15 signing up bonus for all the highly ranked sites. For other sites, it’s $10.
  4. They provide you with WordPress plugin and Joomla plugin to make it easy for you to add them to your website.

Amazon CPM Advertising Network:


Amazon CPM advertising network is counted as one of the best ones of 2016. There is Amazon Native Ads and Amazon Associates Programme. And now, you also have the option to add Amazon ads.

Amazon ads are only for the sites affiliated with Amazon, but if you have an Amazon Associates account, you can login and see whether you have the option to add Amazon CPM ads or not.

First, you need to create a site list. It can include a single site or multiple sites. They have a feature called “Passback feature” which means that your fall back ads will display if the ads don’t match your minimum CPM guaranteed.

Propeller Ads:


This is again, one of the best and most popular CPM advertising networks of 2016.

The benefits it provides are:

  1. It has multiple payment methods.
  2. It offers ads for all screen types that makes it very popular among bloggers in 2016.
  3. The account will be made right away.

Important things to note are that:

  • They have a policy of paying you within 30 days, called the Net30 Payment Policy.
  • The minimum amount they offer to pay you is $100.
  • Real-time reporting is offered which is a big reason for its popularity.
  • The ratio they offer for payment is 80:20.
  • • This payment is done with wire transfer or Payoneer. (There is a $25 registration/signup bonus on Payoneer, you can register here.Here is the guide to make and activete paynoor card 
  • • The uniqueness is that they provide you with all sizes and shapes in advertisements, you can select whichever suits you best.

Conversant Media:


Another very popular ads network of 2016. It is trusted by a huge number of successful bloggers and is being used to earn large sums of money everyday. It not only provides ads for websites but also for mobile apps and mobile optimized sites. It is one of the most reliable networks and is a company working behind the most popular ad network Commission Junction.

Important things to note are:

  • The requirement for your site to be accepted by them is 3000 impression monthly.
  • They also provide ads in all shapes and sized as to make it easy for you to place them wherever you like on your site.
  • The payment can be made through PayPal or cheque, you choose it.
  • The minimum payment they make is $25.
  • It doesn’t require traffic as high as the other ads networks.

Exponential (Formerly Tribal Fusion):


Another very popular ad network with a huge number of bloggers benefiting from it. They are one of the best at what they do. There ads are of a premium quality. They offer very high impact ads sharing most of their revenue with their publishers. The minimum they pay you is $50 as a net revenue, and the payment policy is called Net45.

But keeping aside all the easy things, the difficult part is it is not for upcoming bloggers. The minimum requirements to get their ads are very strict and high, which are quite tricky for beginners to achieve.

Worth Trying Other Ad Networks of 2016:

Also, some other excellent ad networks are:

  • Rhythmone
  • Criteo

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