How to Make Money with BuySellAds

You may have heard and read a lot about Google Adsense account. It surely is the best ad network today. But not the only good one. There are many other ad networks that provide high quality ads of your choice with a good profit. Here we are going to talk about BuySellAds (abbreviated BSA).

This is one great platform for content creators although the design is not at all the same as Adsense, it’s more powerful and beneficial than Adsense in many terms. Adsense is a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network which pays publishers when on the basis of how many times an ad is clicked and viewed by the visitors.

whereas BuySel Ads (BSA) is very different than Adsense in this sense. BSA is a direct banners ad network which will allow you to insert blank Ad spots inside your blog/site.

After this whenever an advertiser will want to display an ad over your site, he/she will directly contact BSA about their interest in your site. After which you’ll be asked to accept the ad.

The ads are displayed on your site for a minimum period of 30 days not depending on any clicks or impressions. So here you have an advantage that you’ll get a sponsor for the whole month, and the payment will be confirmed whether there are clicks or not.

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BSA works as a linkage or a gate between a publisher and an advertiser. If you’re a publisher who has a website or a blog & content to monetize and a good number of audience that you need to earn from. There is an advertiser who is looking for a website to offer their advertisement to.

Then BSA will find advertisers for you and you’ll be paid on monthly basis. However, BSA takes some of the service charges from your earning, but not to worry, it’s a very low amount and a lot lesser than Google Adsense.

How much can you earn from Buy Sell Ads?

There is no exact confirmed amount for earning with BSA. But definitely, it depends on the traffic you have on your website, how many views per day your posts get and how much the ad network will benefit from your site.

Even more importantly, you need to work on getting your site approved by BSA first because BSA doesn’t easily accept and approve new websites.

Once you have your site approved by them, you can instantly show their ad spots on your site. Usually, a website with 50K monthly impressions earns up to $500 per month from BSA. So the more visitors you have, the more it will be profitable for you.

Moreover, the name and description of your site also matter a lot in terms of earning with Buy Sell ads. Usually blogs with topics related to technology get advertisers that pay more and they make more profit than celebrity, sports, health, beauty and other general topics. Make Money Online, SEO, Web Development and web designing topics are most high paying for BSA advertisers.


How to Get an Approval from BSA?

First, you need to make an account on BSA easily, there are not many requirements but for inserting BSA ads, you must have at least one website that is approved by them. Now, to get your site approved, you’ll first have to submit it for a review.

Your website will have to meet their minimum criteria in order to be easily approved by them. And here are the criteria you need to complete before applying for BSA approval:

  1. Your site must be getting 30,000 or above impression per month.
  2. Your site content must be in the English language.
  3. The design of your site must be professional looking.
  4. Your site must have a minimum of 50 or posts/articles.
  5. Your site has to be at least 4 months old.
  6. No hacking, no cracking, no pornography, no adult content, and no plagiarism is allowed.

The above mentioned points must have to be met before you submit your website for a review. However, it is better that you read the criteria listed on their website before applying.

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