5 Best Ways To Make Money With 3D Printer

You have got a 3d printer at home? Or thinking of buying one? That could be by far the best decision you could make in your life.

The second best decision you could make is to start a business and make money with 3D printer at home. Here you will recognize how fast 3D printing business is growing and why you should definitely dive into this next big thing.

Top 5 Best Ways To Make Money With 3D Printer


The first and foremost way you can make money with a 3d printer is to rent it without worrying about its working and settings. A good quality 3D printer costs over $1,000, the reason why people hesitate in buying one.

3D Printer

A 3D printer with its purchase rate at $300 comes with its disadvantage of printing low quality products. You don’t even have to know how to make it work, you only lease it to others and they worry about printing products out of it. The renter can be charged per print, per hour or even daily. You can also lead to an enterprise more than a local user.


The second way to make money with 3D printer is to offer rapid prototyping to professional in engineering, construction and architecture. These professionals require complex prototypes to be made without mistakes, in low cost and in lesser consumption of time.

They require complex-end prototypes almost every time a new idea comes into their mind so you would be cashing out money ever so often. The polish company YLE Engineers used a 3D printer from ZMorph to prototype a bridge that they were designing. It helped them create a sense of the pros and cons of creating a structure before it came into the real world.

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Another best way to make money 3D printing in 2020 is to sell your prints online through 3DHubs, MakeXYZ, Amazon, Shapeways, eBay, Etsy or i.materialise. These platforms offer a really good place to start your e commerce business of making and selling 3D prints.

Best way to Make Money With 3D Printer

All one needs to do is print and ship out the prints to customers and watch money come in. By 2024, the worldwide market for 3D printing products and services is anticipated to exceed 40 billion U.S. dollars. So, you better not waste your time now and start making dollar dollar bills with your baby at home.


It is expected that the volume of 3D printers shipped globally will exceed eight million units by 2027. The more people interested in 3D printers, the more they’ll want to learn about it. This is where you come in to the picture by teaching them 3D printing through billed courses.

There are many students who have a desire to learn about this technology and what better way to make money other than to The perfect individual to opt for this line of work is the one who knows the complex system of 3D printers. You could teach them online or hands on show them the working system of 3D printers.


In medial applications alone, 3D printing is expected to grow into an $8.9 billion industry, and $1.9 billion (21%) in the next ten years. There are companies surging in this field of building prosthetics on demand of individuals and even patients for themselves.

best 3 printer for make money online

Prosthetics are usually made in a standard size that fits most of the population. Medical field is gonna demand high quality perfectly built prosthetics because of its quality in making products with no effort from the designer itself.


There you have it, 5 best ways to make money with 3D printers while staying in the comfort of your homes. Some lines of work are a bit complex the others but at the same time much more rewarding financially as well. Other than these fields of work in 3D printing you can discover much more potential in earning monetarily from the usage of 3D printers.

There is never the right time when you start to settle a business, so don’t think too much and jump right into it. You’ll learn along the way.


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