How To Make Money Online With Reddit (Proven ways)

Reddit is a social media discussion platform where people get entertained, informed and have fun discussions by posting images, headlines, and videos too. It is a social media platform like facebook, instagram etc but might be a bit complicated for starters.

Reddit is not much common in Asia; it is more popular in European and North-American countries like US, Canada. This app is a great place to laugh, learn. But in this article, you’ll be able to discover ways to make money online with Reddit.

Making money on reddit is easy but you would need to know a few things to get started. So, scroll ahead and you’ll know all about making money on reddit in no time.

Things To Know About Reddit Money Making

First of all, you need to know, that one cannot make money directly on reddit. Reddit provides us a platform to make money online indirectly. In order to know, how does people on reddit make money online, you need to read the full article.

If you have never used reddit, you should know that it consists of different communities called “subreddits” which have a specific number of members. In these subreddits you get to interact with people and share different stuff related to that particular community.

Reddit Money Making online

 If you want to make money online with reddit it is only via joining these subreddits, where you’ll get the opportunity to cooperate with people and get online work such as freelancing opportunities or other small gigs for which you’ll get paid.

Following are a few ways to make money online by reddit.

  • Microtasking and  small projects (r/beermoney):

Beermoney is a sub-reddit with almost 474k members which give opportunities for making money online as here you are given micro-tasks and other small shots to make money on reddit. Beermoney  provide works which are mostly for American people.

But if you are someone from outside, you can join beermoney global, which have online money making assignments for people all over the world. Here people discuss different chances for earning online as well as give practical opportunities.

 Most of these opportunities include online surveys, writing product reviews, ad- sharing, and maybe data entry jobs.

You can visit this sub-reddit by clicking here.

  • Part time and full time easy jobs(r/Work Online):

Work online is another sub-reddit which has 284k members and it provide us with full-time as well as part-time online job opportunities. It is different from beermoney in this way that it provides ALL types of online work which may include freelancing content writing, web designing,, affiliate marketing and online tutoring jobs.

Part time and full time easy jobs

If you are jobless, this subreddit can even provide you a full time job with a handsome pay. But the thing is that you should have a skill to do so.

You can look up to this reddit by visiting here.

  • Increasing traffic to your blog:

One of the ways, we can use reddit for making money online is by writing a blog post on any blogger website, and then promote it via adding its link or image or any other headline on reddit which can attract viewers or readers. If you are a blogger, then you can use reddit to increase the traffic of your blog.

One method to do this is by building a community on reddit with a decent number of followers (by posting original and interesting content that attract them). After you have a significant number of members of your community, you will have to share the link and images of your blog there.

From there people would click your post if they find it interesting for reading, thereby increasing your traffic and earning you money. Or 2nd way would be to write on a specific niche and share your blog link in the related sub-reddits.

You can check out how Rebekah Gillian does it by clicking following link:

  • Easy money by signing up (r/signupsforpay):

Sign up for pay is an easy way to make money on reddit. This community is not very famous as it may include scams and one needs to be smart for recognizing scams. But it is the easiest way around. All you have to do is to sign up for something (any website or page). Here people pay you to sign up to their websites.

The more accounts you make and run, the more you will be paid. Although, the amount paid here may be low. But it can help you for your little expenses.

If you want to have a look on this community, click here.

  • Casual and small online work (r/slavelabour):

Slave labour is another important sub-reddit which will help answer your ‘making money online reddit’ searches on Google. Here people get paid for small gigs and works like content writing, picture editing, website designing and every other thing you could ever think of, but the pay rate is less than average market price. This community has over 190k members. And it helps a lot of people for making secondary income.

Click here to have a look.

  • Promoting business:

You can also use reddit to promote your business. But you will need to be careful as if you promote business (e.g. products) only, you might get banned as the administration does not want to make reddit a money making website.

 It is against their rules. You should join communities and help people by answering their questions, post quality content according to the communities keeping their rules and regulation in mind. Post about your business in famous communities but don’t forget to participate in other activities and entertainment.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Can You Get Paid from reddit?

NO, as I stated earlier reddit does not pay you i.e. you cannot make money directly from reddit. You can make money from reddit indirectly by using the above mentioned techniques.

Q.2: Does reddit allow affiliate links?

This can be complicated. Mostly reddit does not allow affiliate links, but there might be some sub-reddits which allow affiliate links but only to a certain limit. Using affiliate links might get you banned.


I hope you like the legit methods I showed you to make money online with reddit. Comment down below if you know any other subreddits or methods to make money online on reddit.

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