What is a footer? It is the the last section of your website that shows something along the lines of “proudly powered by WordPress”.

People who desire to edit footer in WordPress and further customize their site want to engage their visitors by adding more features like contacts, addresses, images or links to their social accounts.

Editing footer in WordPress through themes is most effective and easy. However, other methods provide you to edit it and add more features to your footer.

5 Different Methods To Edit Footer In WordPress

Change Theme Settings

Go to Appearance > Customize in the WordPress menu. Some themes provide a menu item under Appearance for theme editing. You’ll have to look around for that.

Change Theme Settings

This is the easiest and most common way to edit the footer. Usually, themes allow you to edit their content in the WordPress Customizer.

From the customization section, you should see a new page with a list of menu options on the left side of the screen, look for anything related to “footer/header scripts”, “footer/header” or “Copyright Area”.

WordPress Customizer
Remove Proudly Powered By WordPress From Footer

Add content here and save changes before refreshing your site. This is much more reliable than to touch any codes and risk breaking the website but at the same time, you’re limited to make changes in the range of options the theme enables you to change.

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Edit Footer Through Widgets

Go to Appearance > widgets in WordPress menu.

If your theme doesn’t allow you to make changes then you can resort to this method. From here, you will see all the widgets you’re able to use with your theme including widgets for sidebars, page elements, and the website footer.

Edit the vital widgets or add/remove widgets to different areas of your website. You’ll have to drag and drop the widget onto the bars of the left side of the screen.


For example, if you want to add text on your footer then you’ll have to drag the ‘Text’ widget and drop onto the footer section. This will allow you to add text in your footer.

Edit Footer By Installing Plugins

If your theme doesn’t allow you to edit you can always install a plugin for your theme to edit your footer through. Some of the recommended plugins are insert headers and footers, header and footer, and remove footer credit. You can also find 20 best plugins to install from here.

Remove footer credit

Edit Through Elementor Plugin

First, you need to install and activate Elementor Plugin.

Some people opt for Elementor Pro to edit their footer but this can be pricey for some people that is why we have another method for you. By installing another plugin for Elementor Header, Footer and Blocks Template you can edit the header and footer of your site while staying within elementor plugin.

Elementor website builder

Learn how to edit footer in WordPress by the means of installing ‘header, footer and block template’ for free. According to your preference, you can also buy ELEMENTOR PRO and learn how to edit with elementor pro.

Edit Through php Coding

Go to Appearance > Theme Editor in WordPress menu.

Theme Editor in wordpress

The last preferred option is to edit through direct coding. You will see theme files on your right side of the screen. Select the ‘footer.php’ file in the sidebar and make changes on the file and click update for changes to show.

Editing through direct coding could either crash your website or make unfavorable disruptions in your website which is why it is advised to back up your files or make a “child theme” before making any changes and updating.

This method is not recommended for beginners in making changes to a website.  Fortunately, WordPress runs a check on any code before you save here, so you will get an error message if your code doesn’t work.

In Conclusion

Not finding an appropriate way to edit the footer can be extremely frustrating but we do hope this helped you in finding the right method to successfully edit your footer in WordPress. Editing your footer according to the identity of your website helps to remove unwanted copy and creates a customized look for your specific website.

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